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Recent Publications (2010 - onwards)

Here are a list of some current publications by the Marketing faculty. They are listed in alphabetical order by the professor's last name.

List of Professors (Quick Links)

Elten Briggs

Lawrence Chonko

Traci Freling

Douglass Grisaffe

Narayan Janakiraman

Fernando Jaramillo

Adwait Khare

Michael Richarme

Ritesh Saini

Zhiyong Yang

Elten Briggs

Briggs, Elten, Fernando Jaramillo, and William A. Weeks (2012), “Perceived Barriers to Career Advancement and Organizational Commitment in Sales”, Journal of Business Research, 65(7), 937 – 943.

Briggs, Elten, Mark Peterson, and Gary Gregory (2010), “Toward a Better Understanding of Volunteering for Nonprofit Organizations: Explaining Volunteers’ Pro-Social Attitudes”, Journal of Macromarketing, 30(1), 61 – 76.

Briggs, Elten and Douglas Grisaffe (2010) “Service Performance—Loyalty Intentions Link in a Business-to-Business Context: The Role of Relational Exchange Outcomes and Customer Characteristics”, Journal of Service Research, 13(1), 37 – 51.

Lawrence Chonko

Fournier, Christophe, Christopher Bolvker, William A. Weeks, and LAwrence B. Chonko (2013), "Polychronicity and Scheduling's Role in Reducing Role Stress and Reducing Sales Performance," forthocming in Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management.

“A Changing Marketplace Impacts Direct Sellers,” Direct Selling News, December, 2011.

Zablah, Alex R, Lawrence B. Chonko, George Allen, Alexander Haas, and Lance Bettencourt (2011), “A Job Demands-Resources (JD-R) Perspective on New Product Selling: A Framework for Future Research,” Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Winter, 25, 73-88

Chonko, Lawrence B. and Eli Jones (2011), "Sales Force Agility, Strategic Thinking, and Value," The Oxford Handbook of Sales Management and Sales Strategy, (Oxford University Press; Oxford University).

Chonko, Lawrence B. (2011) “Commentary on the Macromarketing, Ethics, and Social Responsibility Works of Shelby D. Hunt,” in Legends of Marketing, Shelby D. Hunt, Jagdish N. Sheth (ed.), (Sage: Los Angeles).

Yang, Zhiyong, Fernando Jaramillo, and Lawrence B. Chonko (2010), "Productivity and Coauthorship in JPSSM: A Social Network Analysis," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Mangement, Winter, 25, 73-88.

Traci Freling

Kim, Jin-Woo, Traci Freling, and Doug Grisaffe (2012), "When Are Super Bowl Advertising Really Super? An Event Study Analysis," Jounral of Advertising Research

Freling, J. C.; Henard, D. Brand Personality Appeal: Conceptualization, Development and Validation of a Multi-Dimensional Scale. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 2011.

Freling, T.; Dacin, P. Enhancing Attitudes Through Consensus: The Impact of Consensus Claims in Advertising. Journal of Consumer Psychology 2010, 20.

Douglas Grisaffe

Kim, Jin-Woo, Traci Freling, and Doug Grisaffe (2012), "When Are Super Bowl Advertising Really Super? An Event Study Analysis," Jounral of Advertising Research

VanMeter, Rebecca A., Douglass B. Grisaffe, Lawrence B. Chonko, and James A. Roberts (2012), "Generation Y's Ethical Ideology and its Potential Workplace Implications," Journal of Business Ethics, DOI: 10.1007/s10551-012-1505-1.

Grisaffe, D. B. & Nguyen, H. P. (2011) Antecedents of Emotional Attachment to Brands. Journal of Business Research. 64(10), 1052-1059.

Briggs, Elten and Grisaffe, Douglas (2010). Service Performance - Loyalty Intentions Link in a Business-to-Business Context: The Role of Relational Excenge Outcomes and Customer Charactersistics. Journal of Service Research, 12(1) 37-51.

Narayan Janakiraman

Janakiraman, Narayan., Robert J Meyer and Andrea Morales, (2006) "Spillover Effects: How Consumers Respond to Unexpected Changes in Price and Quality", Journal Consumer Research, 33(3), 361-369.

Janakiraman, Narayan., Robery J J Meyer and Stephen J Hoch, (2011) "The psychology of decisions to abandon waits for service", in print at Journal of Marketing Research.

Fernando Jaramillo

Jaramillo, Fernando, Jay Prakash Mulki, and James S. Boles (2012), “Bringing Meaning to the Sales Job: the Effect of Ethical Climate and Customer Demandingness,” Journal of Business Research, doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2012.03.013

Jaramillo,  Fernando, Jay Prakash Mulki, Vincent Onyemah, Martha Rivera Pesquera, (2012) "Salesperson Resistance to Change: An Empirical Investigation of Antecedents and Outcomes," International Journal of Bank Marketing, 30 (7), 548 – 566.

Briggs, Elten, Fernando Jaramillo, and William A. Weeks (2012), “The Influences of Ethical Climate and Organizational Identity Comparisons on Salespeople and their Job Performance,” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, forthcoming.

Evans, Kenneth R., Richard G. McFarland, Bart Dietz, and Fernando Jaramillo (2012), “Advancing Sales Performance Research: A Focus on Five under Researched Topic Areas,” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management,” 31 (1), 89-106.  Invited Manuscript, 30th Anniversary of JPSSM.

Briggs, Elten, Fernando Jaramillo, and William B. Weeks (2012), “Perceived Barriers to Carrer Advancement and Organizational Commitment in Sales,” Journal of Business Research, forthcoming doi: 10.10106/j.jbusres.2011.005.004.

Mulki, Jay Prakash, Fernando Jaramillo, Shavin Malhorta and William B. Locander (2012), “Reluctant Employees and Felt Stress: The Moderating Impact of Manager Decisiveness,” Journal of Business Research, 65 (1), 77-83.

Mulki, Jay Prakash and Fernando Jaramillo (2011), “Ethical Reputation and Value Received: Customer Perceptions,” International Journal of Bank Marketing, 29 (5), 358-372.   Received the 2012 Outstanding Paper Award from Emerald LiteratiNetwork.

Mulki, Jay P. and Fernando Jaramillo (2011), “Workplace Isolation: Salespeople and Supervisors,” International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22 (4), 902-832.

Jaramillo, Fernando, Jay P. Mulki, and James Boles (2011), “Workplace Stressors, Job Attitudes, and Job Behaviors: Is Interpersonal Conflict the Missing Link?” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 31 (3), 347-364.

Leslier, Jay P. Mulki and Fernando Jaramillo. "Impact of Customer Orientation, Inducements and Ethics on Loyalty to the Firm: Customers' Perspective,." Journal of Business Ethics 93, no 2 (2010): 277-291.

Mulki, J. P. & Jaramillo, F. (2010). Workplace Isolation: Salespeople and Supervisors. International Journal of Human Resource Management.

Zhiyong Yang, Fernando Jaramillo and Larry Chonko (2010), Productivity and Coauthorship in JPSSM: A Social Network Analysis, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 30 (1), 71-41.

Valenzuela Leslier, Jay P. Mulki, and Fernando Jaramillo (2010), "Impact of Customer Orientation, Inducements and Ethics on Loyalty to the Firm: Customers' Perspective," Journal of Business Ethics, 93 (2), 277-291.

Adwait Khare

Abhik Roy, Adwait Khare, Ben S.C. Liu, Linda M. Hawkes, and Janice Swiatek-Kelley (2012), “An Investigation of Affect of Service using a LIBQUAL+ TM Survey and an Experimental Study,” Journal of Academic Librarianship, 38 (3), 153-60.

Lingjiang Tu, Adwait Khare, and Yinlong Zhang (2012), "Measuring Consumers' Local-Global Identity with a Short 8-Item Scale," International Journal for Research in Marketing, 29 (1), 35-42. Published

Tlottama Chowdhury and Adwait Khare (2011), "Cause-Related Marketing under the Consumer Microscope," Psychology & Marketing, 28 (8), 825-42

Anish Nagpal, Adawait Khare, Tilottama Chowdhury, Lauren Larecque, and Ameet Pandit (2011), "The Impact of the Amount of Available Information on Decision Delay: The Role of Common Features," Marketing Letters, 22 (4), 405-21 

Michael Richarme

Kim, J. W. & Richarme, M. (2010, May). Linking Marketing Activities to Shareholder Value: Philosophical and Methodological Issues. Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 1-10.

Ritesh Saini

Saini, R. & Thota, S. C. (2010). The Psychological Underpinnings of Relative Thinking in Price Comparisons. Journal of Consumer Psychology,20(2), 185-192.

Saini, R., Rao, A., & Monga, A. (2010). Is that Deal Worth My Time? The Effect of Relative and Referent Thinking on Willingness to Seek a Bargain.Journal of Marketing, 74(1), 34-48.

Zhiyong Yang

Yang, Zhiyong, Kristopher Floyd, and John F. Tanner Jr. (forthcoming), “Effects of Antismoking Messages from Media on Adolescent Smoking: The Roles of Family, School, and Culture,” Journal of Business Research.

Wang, Jingguo, Zhiyong Yang, and Deanne Brocato (in press), “An Investigation into the Antecedents of Pre-Purchase Online Search,” Information & Management.

Mourali, Mehdi, Zhiyong Yang, Frank Pons, and Derek Hassay (forthcoming), “Consumer Power and Choice Deferral: The Role of Anticipated Regret,” International Journal of Research in Marketing.

Bartikowski, Boris, Michel Laroche, Ahmad Jamal, and Zhiyong Yang (2018), “The Type-of-Internet-Access Digital Divide and the Well-being of Ethnic Minority and Majority Consumers: A Multi-Country Investigation,” Journal of Business Research, 82, 373-380.

Zhao, Long, Zhiyong Yang, and Wei-Jen Lee (2017), “The Impact of Time of Use (TOU) Rate Structure on Consumption Patterns of The Residential Customers,” IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 53(6), 5130-5138.

Cai, Fengyan, Zhiyong Yang, Robert S. Wyer, Jr., and Alison Jing Xu (2017), “Bitter Mouth, Sweet Future: The Effect Of Bitter Flavor On Saving,” Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 70, 48-58.

Fine, Robert L., Zhiyong Yang, Christy Spivey, Bonnie Boardman, and Maureen Courtney (2016), “Early Experience with Digital Advance Care Planning and Directives, A Novel Consumer-Driven Program,” Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings, 29(3), 263-267.

Briggs, Elten, Zhiyong Yang, Tracy R. Harmon-Kizer, and Todd J. Arnold (2016), “How Do Differing Community Engagement Strategies Affect Consumer Responses to a Retailer?” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 24(1), 109-127.

Yang, Zhiyong, Ritesh Saini, and Traci Freling (2015), “How Anxiety Leads to Suboptimal Decisions under Risky Choice Situations,” Risk Analysis, 35(10), 1789-1800. (Equal authorship)

Yang, Zhiyong, Jingguo Wang, and Mehdi Mourali (2015), “The Effect of Peer Influence on Two Aspects of Music Piracy: The Moderating Role of Self-Construal,” Journal of Business Research, 68(3), 516-525.

Yang, Zhiyong and Jingguo Wang (2015), “Differential Effects of Social Influence Sources on Self-Reported Music Piracy,” Decision Support Systems, 69, 70-81.

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