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Student Enrollment

Requesting a capacity increase for one of your courses that is full in order to enroll a specific student:
  • MyMav uses a ‘waitlist’ system for all courses. The first step for any student who wants to be enrolled into a course that has filled up is for them to get themselves on the waitlist. http://www.uta.edu/records/courses/policies/wait-list.php
    • Please note, they should be able to place themselves on the waitlist. If they can’t – we cannot automatically put them on the waitlist. They have to qualify for enrollment just as if they are actually enrolling into the course.
  • Laura does not have the authority to increase course loads. However, we can follow this procedure:
    • We look at the actual seating capacity in the room and compare it to the enrollment capacity which is currently set up for the course.
    • If that room can hold more seats, we can submit a request to the Records and Registration office to increase the capacity for the course.
    • We complete a request using an on-line form and wait for a response from the Records and Registration office. In some cases we get a response right away, in other cases it might be a few hours or even a day, before we receive a reply.
    • The Records and Registration office has sole responsibility for increasing the capacity of a course. Once they make the change it is reflected in MyMav.
  • If and when a course capacity has been increased, the system will automatically enroll the next person in line on the waitlist.
    • However, if the student who is number one on the waitlist does not meet all requirements for enrollment, the system will bypass them and go to the next student.
    • Again, we do not have any control over that process.