UTA Business Building

Policies and Procedures

Here is important information related to your employment with the Marketing Department.

Link for University Poilicies & Procedures

Travel Policies and Procedures

All UTA related travel, whether you are requesting reimbursement or not, requires pre-approval by the department chair.

Note: Airfare dates must reflect the Travel Authorization dates. Travelers are not allowed to extend their trip for personal reasons. If this is changed without approval, the traveler will need to pay back the airfare cost to UTA.


Reimbursements & Payments other than Travel & Purchase Orders

Worker's Compensation:

For details regarding workers compensation please go through this presentation and also do visit the worker's compensation page.
Here are some quick references regarding worker's compensation:
  • If you are hurt while doing anything related to UTA business please report and make a claim for your injuries.
  • You will need to use the WC Network for a location and provider to use so that you do not pay out of pocket expenses for your injury.
  • If this is an emergency, please go to any location to be treated. If you are able to speak, then let the staff at hospital know this will be a worker’s compensation claim.
  • UTA on-campus health center will not treat injured employees, you must use the WC Network.
  • UTA Workers Compensation Department contacts:
  • 24-Hour Injury Report Line is 817-272-5563.

Text Book orders

  • Login to Blackboard with your credentials.
  • Lower right hand corner of the screen, please look for FACULTY DISCOVER.
  • Click and go.
These can now be done on your own, Click Here to get set up.
If any difficulty in ordering textbooks, please contact Ginny Hinds.

Syllabi and Office Hours

Please follow guidelines on Syllabi format These are due a week before classes start.


Send Request/Update of what software you need, vendor it was purchased from, cost, expiration dates, quantity, etc.,to Laura Wilcox
It is the faculty/staff's responsibility to keep track of when the software expires. A notification regarding the same must be sent two weeks in advance and have departmental approval from Dr. Jaramillo.


Room Requests

To reserve a room at the College of Business (COBA) please download the Room Reqest Form, fill in the details and send it to Virginia Hinds at virginia.hinds@uta.edu
Click here to access the food vendor's list.

Student Enrollment

Requesting a capacity increase for one of your courses that is full in order to enroll a specific student:
  • MyMav uses a ‘waitlist’ system for all courses. The first step for any student who wants to be enrolled into a course that has filled up is for them to get themselves on the waitlist. http://www.uta.edu/records/courses/policies/wait-list.php
    • Please note, they should be able to place themselves on the waitlist. If they can’t – we cannot automatically put them on the waitlist. They have to qualify for enrollment just as if they are actually enrolling into the course.
  • Laura does not have the authority to increase course loads. However, we can follow this procedure:
    • We look at the actual seating capacity in the room and compare it to the enrollment capacity which is currently set up for the course.
    • If that room can hold more seats, we can submit a request to the Records and Registration office to increase the capacity for the course.
    • We complete a request using an on-line form and wait for a response from the Records and Registration office. In some cases we get a response right away, in other cases it might be a few hours or even a day, before we receive a reply.
    • The Records and Registration office has sole responsibility for increasing the capacity of a course. Once they make the change it is reflected in MyMav.
  • If and when a course capacity has been increased, the system will automatically enroll the next person in line on the waitlist.
    • However, if the student who is number one on the waitlist does not meet all requirements for enrollment, the system will bypass them and go to the next student.
    • Again, we do not have any control over that process.

Please be aware of this procedure. Laura is here to assist. Obviously the higher the enrollment – the better for all of us. However, there are certain aspects of this process that we do not have any control over. Please keep this in mind when you tell a student that you are okay to add them to your already full course. If you want us to increase a course capacity, please send us an email and copy Dr. Jaramillo with the course number and the seating capacity you want. Late registration ends a week after the semester begins, so that will be the last and final lap when we can request cap increases.

Finally, please be aware of the deadlines for late registration and Census Dates.

  • Late Registrations Accepted for Fall 2017: August 24 - 30, 2017
  • Census Date: September 11, 2017
  • Last Day to Drop Classes: November 01, 2017 - Submit requests to Advisor prior to 4:00 pm
  • Spring 2018 Registration Begins: November 06, 2017
  • Last Day of Classes: December 06, 2017
  • Final Exams: December 09 - 15, 2017

Once the late registration deadline has passed, we are required to have the student provide specific documentation before we can enroll them. http://www.uta.edu/records/courses/policies/add-drop-withdrawal.php#addAfter
The student MUST meet with their undergraduate academic advisor to understand the impact of their enrollment action, as well as the specific procedures required to add a class after the late registration period ends. Adding after late registration requires the permission of the faculty teaching the course, permission of the academic department offering the course and the final approval of the undergraduate academic advisor of the student’s major department. The student's major academic advisor has final decision authority and may supersede the decision of the instructor.