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Doctoral Students

Here is the list the current doctoral students at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Alnakhli, Hayam Qasem S


 Name: Alnakhli, Hayam Qasem S
 Research Interests: Social Media , Positive Consequences of Abstract Construal.

Chung, Myungjin


 Name: Chung, Myungjin
 Research Interests: The Effect of Color Lightness on Consumer Behavior, The Effect of  Two Different Product Display Mode:  Substitute-based Organization versus  Complete- based Organization on Consumer's Online Shopping Behavior, The Effect of  Being  versus Having Mode on People's Ethicality. .

Rostami, Mohammad Amin


 Name: Rostami, Mohammad Amin
 Research Interests: Services Marketing, Decision Making, e-Marketplace.