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Doctoral Students

Here is the list the current doctoral students at the University of Texas at Arlington.


Placement of Former Ph.D. Students

2010-2011 Graduates

  • Kim, Jin-Woo
    Georgia Southern

2013 – 2014 Graduates

  • Goad, Emily Anne
    Illinois State University, Normal, IL

  • Hossain, Mehdi Tanzeeb
    Southern Conneticut State University

  • Vanmeter, Rebecca
    Ball State University

2014 - 2015 Graduates

  • Saad Alhoqail
    Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Sultan Alkuzham
    King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Kristopher Flyod
    California Baptist University

  • Young Cho Hyun
    Dongkuk University

2015 - 2016 Graduates

  • Holly A. Syrdal
    The University of Southern Mississippi

  • Shahriar Gias
    Nicholls State University

  • Devin C. Lunt
    The University of Tampa

2016 - 2017 Graduates

  • Yashar Dehdashti
    Texas Wesleyan University

  • Aaniefre Eddie Inyang
    The College of New Jersey

  • Omar Itani
    Lebanese American University

Selected Publications by Current/Recent Ph.D. Students

  • Itani, Omar S., Jaramillo Fernando & Chonko Larry (2017). Achieving Top Performance While Building Collegiality in Sales: It all Starts with Ethics. Journal of Business Ethics

  • Agnihotri, Raj, Colin B. Gabler, Omar S. Itani, Fernando Jaramillo and Michael T. Krush (2017): Salesperson ambidexterity and customer satisfaction: examining the role of customer demandingness, adaptive selling, and role conflict, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management

  • Hossain, Mehdi T., & Saini Ritesh (2015). Free Indulgences: Enhanced zero-price effect for hedonic options. International Journal of Research in Marketing

  • Janakiraman, Narayan, Holly A. Syrdal, and Ryan Freling (2015), "The Effect of Return Policy Leniency on Consumer Purchase and Return Decisions: A Meta-analytic Review", Journal of Retailing

  • Itani, Omar. S., & Inyang, Aniefre. E. (2015), "The effects of empathy and listening of salespeople on relationship quality in the retail banking industry: The moderating role of felt stress", International Journal of Bank Marketing

  • Inyang, Aniefre. E. (2015), “The Buffering Effects of Salesperson Service Behaviors on Customer Loyalty After Service Failure and Recovery,” Journal of Managerial Issues

  • Hossain, Mehdi T., and Ritesh Saini (2014), "Suckers in the morning, skeptics in the evening: Time-of-Day effects on consumers’ vigilance against manipulation", Marketing Letters

  • Goad, Emily. A., and Jaramillo, Fernando. (2014), “The good, the bad and the effective: a meta-analytic examination of selling orientation and customer orientation on sales performance”, Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management

  • Luo, Xueming, Vamsi K. Kanuri, and Michelle Andrews (2014), "How does CEO tenure matter? The mediating role of firm‐employee and firm‐customer relationships", Strategic Management Journal

  • Floyd, Kristopher, Ryan Freling, Saad Alhoqail, Hyun Young Cho, and Traci Freling (2014), "How online product reviews affect retail sales: A meta-analysis",Journal of Retailing

  • VanMeter, Rebecca A., Douglas B. Grisaffe, Lawrence B. Chonko, and James A. Roberts (2013), "Generation Y’s ethical ideology and its potential workplace implications", Journal of Business Ethics

  • Velasco, F. (2017). Understanding Workplace Boredom among Service Employees: Qualitative Insights and Employee Outcomes, Journal of Managerial Issues, 29(3)

  • Velasco Vizcaíno, F.(2018). Beyond window signs: Understanding the affect based effects of window signs on store patronage intentions, Psychology & Marketing

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