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Sales Club

Please view the presentation for more information on our Sales Club.

Securing the membership will provide you with a wonderful learning experience while you are here at UTA. Some of the opportunities include:

  • Fully sponsored trips to participate in regional and national level sales competitions.
  • Learn, sharpen and demonstrate your leadership skills through Student Advisory Council positions.
  • Ambassador positions during the key events such as Sales Career Fair, Sales Recognition Luncheon, and Maverick Sales Challenge.
  • Work closely with corporate executives and secure internships and jobs!

Interested in Joining?
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And feel free to reach out to us in case you have any questions.

UT Arlington Sales Competition

The UT Arlington Sales Competition is designed to contribute to the preparation of student participants to pursue careers in the sales profession and to identify students who wish to compete in regional and/or national competitions with other students from the best sales programs located at universities around the world. The Professional Selling Program at UT Arlington prepares students through the provision of excellent education and, training by a team of faculty and business partners who have collaborated to develop future sales leaders. These future sales professionals will represent the profession with the highest of ethical standards while improving the lives of others with whom they interact because they have the knowledge, wisdom, and tools necessary to excel.

The UT Arlington Sales Competition offers an opportunity for students to sharpen their sales skills in a highly competitive environment. The competition provides a venue to network with business professionals, peers and sales faculty.

The UT Arlington Sales Competition invites business professionals to observe, engage and recruit talented student participants in the competition.

The UT Arlington Sales Competition is designed to allow students to engage in a realistic sales situation so they can demonstrate and improve their selling abilities.

An individual-level competition UT Arlington students engage in a live 10 minute role play with a sales professional role playing as a buyer. Role plays are judged other sales professionals from around the country, offering students a chance to gain valuable feedback from the Professional Selling Program’s partners.

The list of winners for 2017 can be found here

The list of winners for 2018 can be found here

The list of participants can be found here

Sales competition

Sales competition
Participants at the UTA Sales Competition 2018