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Business Ethics Program

The Ethics Forum is a program in the College of Business at The University of Texas at Arlington. The Forum emphasizes to our students the importance of ethics in business, providing an opportunity to bring the UT Arlington community together through a dialogue about this important topic. Our featured guests provide expertise on current issues facing leaders in the business world every day.

The Ethics Forum offers an ongoing venue to identify and understand critical ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability issues. It’s also an opportunity to review changing public policy, assess public expectations and contribute to the preparation of students for effective ethical decision-making and community involvement.

We have quarterly events and speakers come in to provide a learning environment that illuminates the circumstances that students may confront after graduation. Students who believe that they should make ethical choices may find that making the best decisions sometimes prove to be difficult, complex and challenging. . . and the most rewarding.


Direct Selling Business Ethics Event - October 18, 2016.
There were 9 speakers that came in to talk to different marketing courses about ethics.

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