Research and Funding Support

Over $350,000 in funding for research and scholarly contributions.

United States Army, 2009-2011
	$80,000 for research on character for West Point - U.S. Military Academy
American Orthopaedic Association, 2005-2007
	$35,000 for leadership and stress research, K. Saleh, Principle Investigator
Anonymous Trust, 2003-2007
	$35,000 for communication research, support - Goolsby Leadership Academy 
Marcia Faust McNees Trust, 1999-2002
	$27,750 for executive health research project to include 
	Academy of Management Executive Special Issue on Executive Health.
American Psychological Association, 1989-1999
The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 1989-94
Texas Psychological Association, 1991
UTA President/Provost's Office, 1993-94
	$107,000 for the Work & Well-Being Project and for the development of the
	Journal of Occupational Health Psychology
College of Business Administration, University of Texas at Arlington, 1990
	$1,000 award for best applied research in the college for 1989
American Society for Personnel Administration, 1988
	$8,450 to study human resource impact of corporate restructuring. (D. Gray, PI)
University of Texas at Arlington, 1986
	$3,000 for a study of stress and technology among 140 U.S. Navy major system
	acquisition project managers.  (Wayne Bodensteiner, Principle Investigator)
University of Texas at Arlington, 1985
	$2,500 for the completion of executive stress research.
Hospital Corporation of America, 1983-85
University of Texas at Arlington, 1984-85
Eunice and James L. West Chair of Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, 1985
	$45,000 for  an International Stress Symposium in October 1985.
Dennis Barger Foundation, 1983
	$1,250 for Cardiovascular-Stress Research
University of Texas at Arlington , 1980-81
	$5,992 (2 grants) for the Study of a Goals and Objectives Program
State of Texas, 1978-80
	$35,000 for the Pilot Testing of a C.S.S.A. Project (D. Umlah, PI)
Philadelphia Life Insurance Company, 1976-77
	$1,300 for a Study of the Company's PP&E Program
University of Houston Student Research Grants, 1977, 1975
	$200 for the Study of Locus of Control, $280 to evaluate student simulation.