Ph.D. University of Houston, 1977
Major Area
:  Organizational Behavior and Management
Minor Area
:  Clinical Psychology/Sociology
M.B.A. University of Houston, 1975
Major Area
:  Management and Organizational Behavior
A.B. Colgate University, 1968
Major Area
:  Mathematics
Minor Area:
  Philosophy and Religion
Honors Thesis: The Projective Plane.

Harvard Business School Association Internship, 1967

George Cobb Fellow, 1966-68
Post-Doctoral Air War College, 1993
Aerospace and Combined Air Warfare Studies

University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio, 1989

Training for Psychic Trauma and Combat Stress

Harvard Medical School, 1985

Behavioral Medicine


The University of Texas at Arlington John and Judy Goolsby Distinguished Professor
September 2004 to August 2011
Distinguished Teaching Professor
September 2008 to present
Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior
September 2004 to present
Lancaster University
        Lancaster Leadership Centre
        Management School
        United Kingdom
Distinguished Visiting Scholar, 2013-2016
Fellow, 2014

Honorary Professor, 2011-2018
Visiting Professor, 2006-2011
Wright State University Invited Lecturer, Executive Education, 2007-2009
U.S. Military Academy, West Point Visiting Scholar, November 2007
Arkansas State University Visiting Professor, October 2007
Colgate University Distinguished Visiting Professor, April 2006
Marist College Distinguished Visiting Professor, October 2004
The University of Texas at Dallas Adjunct Professor of Organizational Behavior
2000-2003 (Approved by UTA President/Provost)
Kansas State University Distinguished Visiting Professor, April 2001
Oklahoma State University Adjunct Professor of Management, 1999 - 2000
59th Medical Wing (AETC)
Medicine Directorate
Distinguished Visiting Professor of Psychology
22 - 26 September 1998
The University of Texas at Arlington Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
September 1980 to August 1987
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
September 1977 to August 1980