Research Interest

2010 Academy of International Business U.S. Southwest Chapter Annual Conference; "Globalization and Relaxed Immigration Law: A Solution for the Worldwide Recession or a Formula for Deepening International Unemployment?"   Paper & Presentation Accepted, March 3-6, 2010, Dallas, Texas.

2009 International Industrial Relations and Human Resources Conference; "The Collective Bargaining Rights of Supervisors: An International, National and Legal Perspective."   Paper & Presentation Accepted, November 6-7, 2009, Louisville, Ky.

Project Team Learning; The George Washington University                                         "An Examination of Norms, Behaviors, and Tools of the Project Manager"


             Discussion of              Immigration Issues


Genetic Engineered Food Reading Labels

Action Learning and Reflection Analysis of Management Students


Conducting a test review through the Family Feud Game Show


Writing Group Ethics Statements