Organization Behavior - Fall 2011

 Management 3318 - Dr. George

"Tell me and I may forget. 

Teach me and I may remember.

Involve me and I will learn."
-Benjamin Franklin

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Course Syllabus (Fall 2011)

Learning Outcomes:   MANA3318 Uniform AOL Objectives


1.      Students will be able to describe the impact of individual personality, values, emotions, and attitudes in the workplace.

2.      Students will be able to identify and differentiate the major theories of work motivation.

3.      Students will be able to identify characteristics of group/team dynamics and their decision-making.

4.      Students will be able to describe the major theories of leadership and their core tenets.


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Class Resources

Setting Team Norms Template for Panel Presentation Grading
Ideas for Panel Presentations Sample Resume
Team Evaluation What's Due on Presentation Day
Test Review (Sample Tests Questions)