Student Feedback


Graduate Class Management 5312 - Summer I 2009

Management Process Theory 

If the graduate courses of Business school can be taken from 9AM to 5PM, it is beneficial to students.  10:20PM was too late for class.

At first I was not sure about the significant amount of participation required but by the end of the course I feel it certainly heightened my learning experienced!



Best part was the class lecturers, class case presentations and interaction amongst the other class members.

She encourages class participation.  Excellent suggestions on presentations



Gave an opportunity to learn and apply the knowledge first hand.  Kept our interest in the class.  Very unique and refreshing way of teaching.

Start the class earlier.  I have to be at work at 8AM the next morning.  8PM to 10:30 is way too late.  Suggest fewer presentations.



Presentations were fun!

Give less Quizzes!