Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

We offer four areas of specialization for students pursuing the Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA) with a concentration in management.

General Management Specialization

The General Management specialization is the most generalized specialization offered by the department and is ideally suited for students seeking a broad overview of the management discipline. This specialization allows students the flexibility to seek a career in all areas of the business community. Whether it is the private, public, or non-profit sectors, the need for management skills are critical. The ability to successfully manage the various resources of an organization is becoming increasingly important to meet the challenges of a world economy. The General Management specialization provides the knowledge and skills to meet these challenges.

Entrepreneurship Specialization

The Entrepreneurship specialization helps students develop the conceptual and applied skills necessary to launch and manage an economically successful small business. Particular attention is devoted to developing skills related to opportunity recognition and the business planning. Students are also exposed to the primary functional areas of accounting, finance, management, and marketing as they relate to a small and growing venture. This specialization emphasizes leadership skills that can be effectively used to motivate people in a business environment, particularly as related to starting and nurturing a new business.

Human Resource Management Specialization

The Human Resource Management specialization helps prepare students for careers in the human resources field. Issues covered include employee relations; job analysis and design; employee planning, recruitment, and selection; employee training and development; performance management; compensation and reward systems; diversity; and quality of work life. The Human Resource Management specialization is ideal for students seeking to assume specialists, generalists and managerial positions in HR departments of private and public organization.

International Management Specialization

The International Management specialization helps students broaden their awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by businesses competing in a global economy. The course work in this specialization is cross-disciplinary and includes international management, finance, marketing, and economics, plus language and culture courses.  Students can also benefit from semester long exchange programs to Europe and Asia. The International Management specialization can serve as an effective gateway to a variety of jobs in both domestic and multinational organizations.