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Robert Underwood

Robert Underwood is Vice President of Marketing at Texas Trust Credit Union. Robert took over the reins of marketing at Texas Trust Credit Union in February 2015. During his career at Texas Trust, he has been instrumental in leading the credit union's digital transformation. As Vice President of Marketing, Robert manages strategy, implementation, brand image, and member acquisition for the Texas Trust marketing team. He also champions the credit union's community relations initiatives. Robert joined Texas Trust after successfully developing and launching a regional sales software tool for General Motors’ South Central Region that helped achieve a rapid, significant increase in sales volume. The program he developed became the model for a nationwide one, usable in any region and at the corporate level. He also developed a return on investment reporting tool that fundamentally changed the way regional promotions were crafted and rolled out. That tool was also later adopted nationally. Prior to General Motors, Robert developed and implemented digital medical claims for a third party administrator in the medical insurance industry. Robert has a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington.