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Review Guidelines for World Wide Web Sites

Associate Editors for Web Site Reviews

Dr. Darlene Lynch,

Professor of Social Work

Social Work Department,  AR 227

Ball State University

Muncie, IN 47306    dlynch at

Dr. Robert Vernon

Associate Professor of Social Work

Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis

902 West new York Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202   rvernon at


The Journal of Technology in Human Services welcomes reviews of Web sites relevant to the Human Services.  Sites reviewed should be major resource or special interest sites that have been stable for several years and will probably continue to exist.  Click here for a list of previous reviews.  Reviews should follow the guidelines below, which aid authors in producing a quality review that can be accepted with little need of revision. Within these guidelines there exists a broad latitude for personal style, including use of humor. The general goal of a review is to give readers a good sense of the web site and its context with the fewest possible words.

Review Contents


Reviews should be between four to eight double spaced pages. If a reviewer feels there is some over-riding issue that would affect length beyond this parameter, it should be discussed with the review editor prior to writing the review.


If there is any possibility of a conflict-of-interest, the reviewer should discuss the potential conflict with the review editor. This needs to be done prior to submitting the review.


Contact the Associate Editors for Web Site Reviews if you are interested in reviewing Web sites or have a specific Web site you would like to review.  Submit your review via a file attached to an email to either of the Editors.  The Editors will forward a copy of the review to the webmaster prior to publication to insure that it contains no factual errors. Webmasters may comment on statements of quality and utility, but the author and editor are under no obligation to abide by site critiques on quality and utility. The author's and editor's sole obligation is to present an unbiased review so that JTHS readers can best use the WWW site in their work.  Web site reviewers receive 1 free copy of the journal issue that contains their review. Vendors and publishers receive a copy if their address is included in the review. An order form for the purchase of additional reprints will also be sent to all authors at this time.  Mail a copyright release form signed by all authors to either editor.  The copyright transfer form is available in PDF format by clicking here

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