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Editorial Board--Journal of Technology in Human Services


Dick Schoech, Ph.D., Editor

Research Professor, U. of TX at Arlington, Computer Science & Engineering

Box 19129

Arlington, TX USA

Associate Editor—Software Application Reviews

Dale Fitch, PhD, Assistant Professor
School of Social Work
University of Missouri
Columbia, MO

Associate Editor—Book Reviews



Editorial Board Members

Mary Jane Alexander, Ph.D., Research Director

Center for the Study of Issues in Public Mental Health

The Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research

Orangeburg, NY USA

Azy Barak, Ph.D.,  Professor of Psychology

Department of Counseling & Human Development

Department of Learning, Instruction, and Supervision

Faculty of education

University of Haifa, Israel

Rebecca Bolen, Ph.D. Associate Professor
University of Tennessee College of Social Work
Knoxville, TN USA

Cristina Botella, Ph.D. 

Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Jaume I University

Campus de Riu Sec

Castellon, Spain

Klaus Bredl, Dr., Professor for Digital Media

Institute for Media and Educational Technology

University of Augsburg, Germany

William Butterfield, PhD, Professor Emeritus

George Warren Brown School of Social Work

Washington University

St. Louis, MO USA

Georgina Cárdenas López, Ph. D. 

School of Psychology

National Autonomous University of Mexico 

México City, Mexico

Ray Carlson, Ph.D., Consultant

1958 Ventnor Circle

Prescott, AZ USA

Ram A. Cnaan, Ph.D.

Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Doctoral Education

Director, Program for Religion and Social Policy Research

School of Social Policy & Practice

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA USA

Thomas J. Craig, MD, MPH

Senior Medical Officer, Office of Quality and Performance

Veterans Health Administration

Department of Veterans Affairs,

Washington, DC  USA

Jerry Finn, Emeritus Professor

University of Washington, Tacoma

Social Work Program

Tacoma, WA USA 

John D. Fluke, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Systems Research and Evaluation | Department of Pediatrics

Kempe Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse & Neglect

University of Colorado School of Medicine

Aurora, CO USA

Marilyn Flynn, PhD, Dean and Professor
University of Southern California
School of Social Work
Los Angeles, CA USA

Paul P. Freddolino, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Director for Research and Distance Education
School of Social Work
Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI USA

Andrea Gaggioli, Ph.D
Researcher, Department of Psychology
Universitá Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Milan, Italy

Matthew G. Hile, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor

Missouri Institute of Mental Health

St. Louis, MO USA

Walter LaMendola, PhD

Professor & Director of Technology

Graduate School of Social Work

University of Denver

Denver, CO USA

C.K. Law, D.S.W., Associate Professor

Department of Social Work and Social Administration

University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China

Patrick Leung, PhD

Professor & Coordinator of the Office for International Social Work Education

School of Social Work, U of Houston.

Houston, TX USA

Robert J. MacFadden, Ph.D., Professor

School of Social Work, U. of Toronto

Toronto, Canada

Isaac Marks MD, FRCPsych
Professor Emeritus

Institute of Psychiatry, King's College

London, United Kingdom

Goutham M. Menon, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Department of Social Work, College of Public Policy
University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX USA

Menachem Monnickendam, PhD

Senior Lecturer and Director of Graduate Studies

School of Social Work

Bar Ilan University

Ramat Gan, Israel

Brenda Moore, PhD., LMSW-AP

Department of Social Work

Texas A&M University – Commerce

Commerce, TX  USA

Mike Nellis

Emeritus Professor of Criminal and Community Justice

University of Strathclyde

School of Law

Glasgow, Scotland

David A. Patterson, Ph.D.

Professor, College of Social Work

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Knoxville, TN, USA

Jackie Rafferty
Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Centre for Human Service Technology

University of Southampton

Department of Social Work Studies

Southampton, United Kingdom

Nancy Shank, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Associate Director

University of Nebraska Public Policy Center

Lincoln, NE USA

Jan Steyaert
Centre for Care and Welfare
Fontys School of Social Work
The Netherlands

Charles H. Stinson, M.D.

Chief of Psychiatry

Laguna Honda Hospital

San Francisco, CA USA

Gregg C. Vanderheiden, Ph.D., Director

Trace Research and Development Center

Department of Industrial Engineering

U. of Wisconsin--Madison

Madison, WI USA

Dr. Robert Vernon, Professor of Social Work

Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN USA

Bruce W. Vieweg

Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Concordia College

Moorhead, MN  USA

Joanne Yaffe, Ph.D., Associate Professor

University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work

Salt Lake City, UT USA


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