CUSSN Software Connection

 No longer available, for historical purposes only

The purpose of the CUSSN Software Connection is to link users to human service freeware, shareware, demos, limited use software, online programs or application service providers (ASPs), or software that I feel has special relevance.  This list specializes in software that you can examine without talking to a vendor. 

Items with a * behind them are acceptable items for my class to review for their assignment. 

Other human services software listings are available, for example, the Software and technology Vendors Association (SATVA) and idealware.   CompuMentor offers consultation and discounts on popular software for nonprofits.  Items below are either available for downloading or a link to a downloadable site.  Contact Dick Schoech for making software available or for recommending a link.

Categories of Software

Accounting, billing, fund raising Developmental Disabilities Miscellaneous
Aging Education/training Therapeutic/self help
Data Analysis Health Healthy Games
Advocacy Management Welfare/Child Protection

A. Therapeutic/self-help

  1. Anxiety Screening at The Panic Center*
  2. Alcohol Screening   Anonymous online alcohol screening and resources*
  3. ChildLine:  Information and support for children and youth
  4. CyberSayer  Online illustration of program to structure your thinking for insights in to your life, business, etc
  5. CompuPie  Person-in-Environment ({PIE) Assessment program (30 day downloadable version available)*
  6. Depression  Nat Mental Health Assn. site to screen, educate, & guide towards help with depression*
  7. Ecotivity  Demos software that generates ecomaps*
  8. FearFighter  Interactive demo of program to treat phobias*
  9. GenoPro  Free downloadable program for visualizing, editing and printing genograms*
  10. GenoWare  Demos software for generating standardized genograms as seen in the book Genograms: Assessment and Intervention*
  11. Good Days Ahead  Demos a cognitive therapy DVD program for controlling moods and fighting depression
  12. Inner Peace  Self help program to develop inner peace (download or web based) Click on new users start here.
  13. Internet Mental Health  Provides information & links on illnesses, medications, etc., and provides 2 sample online diagnoses (anorexia and quality of life)*
  14. MARA  The Missouri Automated Reinforcer Assessment, a program that determines reinforcers for individuals most likely to be involved in a reinforcer program. (developed in 1991)*
  15. Mastering Stress  use real-time intelligent computer interview sessions
  16. Mental Health Screening:  Online for various problems. 
  17. MoodGYM and e-couch   Learn cognitive behaviour therapy skills for preventing and coping with depression*
  18. Mood Monitor  downloadable software for charting your life and moods
  19. Mental Health Aide  Client administered psychiatric interview suggests DSM & produces narrative report (download)*
  20. MyTherapy  Provides diary, diagnostic, quality of life and cognitive evaluation and other services.  Has Demo.*
  21. Online assessments and information  from Internet Mental Health*
  22. PsychDiagnoser assists with psychiatric diagnosis. miniPsychDiagnoser is a rapid screen for DSM-IV Axis I disorders and dangerousness. Free evaluation copy available*
  23. PsychScreen  Psychological tests in many areas.  Download 3 free uses of any test
  24. PsychTests  Psychological tests with several free examples to check out
  25. Relativity  Demo of software that generates genograms*
  26. SmartDraw  Downloadable trial version of genogram program*
  27.  Virtual substance abuse prevention community for teens (has exercises)*
  28. Others, but no freeware, shareware, demos, limited use versions, or downloads

B. Health

  1. MedSWIS  Demo of management software used by i/p and o/p discharge planners and case managers for outcome measurement, productivity, costing services etc*

C. Welfare/Child Protection

  1. CPS expert system  A crude DOS & BASIC language expert system shell with a small rule set for guessing animals, diagnosing TVs, and prioritizing child abuse intake. Used to illustrate how an expert system works
  2. FACTORS/SA  Demo of is a family-centered case management, information and referral, tracking, and eligibility screening system. (link to site demo)*
  3. Keisha  Demos multimedia failure-to-thrive child protective services case simulation that allows the user to work an actual child protective services case on failure-to-thrive and receive performance feedback*
  4. Worker Safety Advisor  Online performance support system that presents workers with several computer. screens on which they specify the situation about which they need safety information
  5. Youth for Tomorrow  Online help in finding the most appropriate out of home placement for children in Texas*

D. Aging


E. Developmental Disabilities

  1. AUGMENT  Download DOS program that informs teachers/parents/caseworkers about a client's situation regarding augmentative communications technologies and provides skill building exercise and resources. (developed 1989)

F. Education/training

  1. Cognitive Therapy  Demo available of an interactive multimedia learning program to help patients cope better with emotional problems, to assist therapists in reaching treatment goals, and to reduce the cost of health care.  Full version requires a laserdisc player
  2. Kids HIV/AIDS Training  Requestable freeware Interactive multimedia program to educate children 9-12 about HIV & AIDS
  3. Power Politics III  A political simulations that casts the player/student in the role of presidential campaign manager.

G. Management

  1. AWARDS  Human service management ASP with online demo*
  2. CASS  Downloadable Computer Assisted Social Services client record management, assessment scales, and filing system
  3. CIVER-PSYCH  Behavioral Healthcare Management System.  You can view screens on their Web site
  4. civiCRM  Web-based, open source constituent relationship management system. Has online demo.*
  5. ClientTouch  case management software that helps social service agencies perform client intake, tracking and reporting*
  6. Client/Service Tracking   Free MS Access system to track services to clients/significant others (can download 25 client trial use version)*
  7. Client Management System with Community Resource  guide & demo can be ordered from web site
  8. Clinical planner  Limited use downloadable version of clinical planning software*
  9. CitizenSpeak:  Free email advocacy service for grassroots organizations
  10. ExtendedReach    Single or multi-agency case management web-based system. Tour of key screens available.*
  11. HelpWorks  a customizable decision making tool, for example, determining benefits, services, or rules-based clinical assessment. (link to site demo)*
  12. IRIS  Online demo of web based output and demo of information and referral software available.*
  13. CCKids  Youth and Family Services profession MIS ASP with online product tour*
  14. Membership Director  Free evaluation copy of software to track an associations members, e.g., personal information, dues and expirations, officer/committees, membership interests, and attendance
  15. N-PAIS  Manages financial and service delivery activities.  Demo available upon request*
  16. Netsmart Technologies  Product demos for information systems for many types of human service agencies
  17. Online data manager  Web based client/agency tracking and outcome/output reporting. Web preview or CD available*
  18. QuicDoc  Clinical Documentation and Outcome Assessment System (20 day downloadable evaluation version)*
  19. Organizers' Database   A free easy-to-use database tailored to small organizations and grassroots campaigns*
  20. Radii Advanced Client Management System   Internet based case management information system for human services agencies (screen shots & product download).*
  21. SAMHSA CSAP Prevention Platform & Tools   Online information and tools to help plan and develop substance abuse programs
  22. TXPlan  Link to downloadable clinical documentation and management software (only DOS version is downloadable)
  23. Volunteer Match   Web site for matching volunteers to opportunities and tracking volunteer activity.*
  24. VolunteerWorks  Manages volunteer program.  Tour online and a free evaluation edition available
  25. ZoneAlarm  Free personal and nonprofit Internet security (firewall) system
  26. Others, no downloadable freeware, shareware, demos, limited use versions, etc

H. Accounting, billing, and fund raising

  1. Charity Director  Free evaluation copy of software for client management, gift management, personnel management, volunteer management, and financial management
  2. DONATION  records donors/donations and issues charitable receipts for a church or charitable organization
  3. ebase  a free integrated database template for nonprofits that want to effectively manage interactive  communications with their members, donors and citizen activists
  4. FundRaiser Family of Donor Management Software  downloadable evaluation copy (shareware) of fundraising software. Also offers a free email fundraising "school"
  5. FundWare  Fund accounting software and demo
  6. Devolito Donor management database  Free download of Access database shell for donor management.
  7. Therapist Helper  Link to downloadable demo of practice management software that processes patient and insurance billing transactions, accounts receivable, statements and tracks payments*
  8. SumTime  Link to downloadable demo of practice management and billing software system for psychotherapists and social workers in private practice ( Windows and Macintosh versions)*
  9. FAMCare  accounting, billing, and fundraising, full online demo requires ID/password from vendor
  10. Others, no downloadable freeware, shareware, demos, limited use versions, etc

I. Data Collection and Analysis

  1. Free online statistical analysis  list of links
  2. Kwikstat  statistical package (link to trial version)
  3. askSam  qualitative statistical package and database, downloadable demo and beta of new release
  4. SurveyKey  Tools to conduct and analyze online surveys.  Free trial 50 questions for 30 days use available.*
  5. SurveyMonkey  Tools to conduct and analyze online surveys.  Free for a 10 items or to deliver a limited number of surveys.*
  6. SurfSaver  a free browser add-on to store Web pages into searchable database for qualitative analysis with askSam
  7. Zoomerang  Tools to conduct online surveys and present instant results.  Test drive available *

J. Advocacy

  1. iPetition.  Develop petitions that people can sign online.*

  2.  Develop a petition that people can sign. *

K. Healthy Games

  1. Choices and Voices:  Simulation for youth to explore making decisions without violent extremeism
  2.  Various substance abuse prevention games
  3. ChildLine games:  Various healthy games for kids

L. Miscellaneous, Psychological Software

  1. Inspiration  Software that helps in the idea formation or brainstorming stage of a project.  Trial version available.*
  2. Colorgenics   Generates a personality profile based on your choice of colors.
  3. Eliza  Web link to the classic interactive Rogerian therapist
  4. Helpline email system  Queries incoming email on server making it accessible and manageable from offices worldwide
  5. IQ & Personality Tests  Site provides a variety of tests for assessing yourself. 
  6. Mind viewer  A downloadable version of the classic personality assessment designed to be used as a parlor game.  Good example of narrative construction and it is usually surprisingly accurate
  7. NING  A free, customizable, social networking platform.*
  8. Schlorpe Borglits, always accurate & safe personality assessment software from the Test for Success Society of America.  Professional version, Student version
  9. Montana Virtual Human Services Pavillion  an example of a virtual kiosk of information for clients and practitioners