Temporary Collectives




Participating Faculty:

Matthew Bourbon, Associate Professor of Art, University of North Texas

Josephine Durkin, Associate Professor of Art, Texas A&M - Commerce

Stephen Lapthisophon, Adjunct Professor, UTD, Senior Lecturer, UTA

Darryl Lauster:  Associate Professor of Art, University of Texas Arlington

Kenda North, Professor of Art, University of Texas Arlington

John Pomara, Professor of Visual Arts, University of Texas Dallas

Cam Schoepp, Associate Professor, Texas Christian University

Lauren Woods, Visiting Lecturer, Southern Methodist University

Alicia Eggert, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas

Meg Griffiths, Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas Women's University

Tanya Synar, Associate Professor, Texas Women's University

Jan. 26, participating student slide jam, 2-4 pm.  Faculty group selections, 4 pm to ?  

Venue: 516 Fabrication. 

(Students will get no more than 3 minutes to showcase a few pieces of their work.  Each college should have all students presentations on a single flash drive.)

Feb. 16, 2-4 pm.  First official site visit at 500 Singleton (exhibit venue).  

Students will organize into their groups and select spaces for exhibition.

March 9 and March 30, 2-4 Progress meetings with student groups at 500 Singleton

April 18 and 19, installation dates for exhibition

Friday April 20, Opening night reception at 500 Singleton, 6-8 pm

Saturday April 21, exhibit open from 12-5 pm.

Sunday April 22, exhibit strike, 12-5 pm..





    The 2018 Teams:

                               Group #1                                                                                           Group #2

            Team Leader:  Josephine Durkin                                                      Team Leader Lauren Woods


                              Audrey Travis                                                                        Daniella Colombo-Dougovito

                           Amanda Marder                                                                                  Lauren Fiebert

                           Steven Gonzales                                                                                Amanda Dunbar

                           Billi London-Gray                                                                                 Sierra Forester

                               Blake Weld                                                                                        Jessie Plotts

                           Wesley Harwart                                                                                   Keeley McLain

                               Group #3                                                                                           Group #4

Team Leaders:  Alica Eggert/Matthew Bourbon                             Team Leaders:  Tanya Synar/Meg Griffiths

                           Claton Harper                                                                                      Denise Lion

                             Kiran Sattar                                                                                       Mo Murphy

                              Ashlyn Lee                                                                                       Dario Bucheli

                            Suzanne Elise                                                                                       Gage Peer

                         Katerina Verguelis                                                                                Lindsey Larsen

                          David Namaksy                                                                                 Charlyn Reynolds

                                                                                                                                          Eric Hess


                                Group #5                                                                                           Group #6 

                 Team Leader:  Kenda North                                  Team Leaders:  Stephen Lapthisophon/John Pomara

                          Alyssa Russell                                                                                   Teresa Newsome

                         Heather Charlet                                                                                   Hector Ramirez                       

                       Francisco Alvarado                                                                                  Nida Bangash

                           Xxavier Carter                                                                                         Holly Gray

                         Marcela Reyes                                                                                    Chelsea Weaver

                           Katie Ritchie                                                                                        Taylor Barnes

Group #7

Team Leader:  Cam Schoepp

Morgan Grasham

Daniel Gray

Jer’Lisa Devezin

Christine Adame

Sara Rastegarpouyani

Teresa Larrabee


Now in its forth year, this inter-collegiate project would not be possible without the vision and generosity of Butch McGregor and Trinity Groves LLC, who provide the exhibition space for our students.  It all began humbly with a conversation between Butch and Stephen Lapthisophon about how to invigorate the creative class in West Dallas. Soon Darryl Lauster and John Pomara were brought into the discussion, and these four together founded the first joint exhibition of graduate students in the DFW area.  Over the years, the Consortium project has proudly exhibited the work of 90 graduate students from 6 different universities.  In 2015 the Nasher Sculpture Center came on board, providing support and outreach to their Avante Garde Society.  The Dallas Art Fair generously supports free admission for all students to the art fair and has hosted our project’s panel discussion as part of their event schedule.  Thousands of viewers have toured these exhibits.  Its success is twofold, many viewers receive an enriching experience they might not otherwise have had access to, and our students develop networks with the public that are not reproducible in a typical classroom setting.  The project continues to build access between our students and their community, and between the art programs of the North Texas area.