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Events pictures

2008 Christmas Party and Jenga Competition


2008 Pot Luck party

2008 Fall Party


Sandy's Birthday Cake and Celebration

2007 Christmas Party and Jenga Competition





Group pictures

Research Group Picture - 2010

Pictured (left to right):
Santosh Mishra, Dr. MD.Abul Asad, Dr. Xiao Huang, Phillipp Shelor, Yongjing  (Lillian) Chen, Fanny Patel, Dr. Martina Kroll, Dr. Purnendu (Sandy) Dasgupta, Lucksagoon (Tam) Ganranoo, Dr. Jian Ma, Mahitti Puanngam, Dr. Mrinal Sengupta, Dr. Ado Shihagara.

Research Group Picture - 2009


Pictured (left to right):
Lucksagoon (Tam) Ganaroo, Dr. Mrinal Sengupta, Yongjing  (Lillian) Chen, Sanjiv Awashti, Mahitti Puanngam, Asad, Dr. Purnendu (Sandy) Dasgupta, Santosh Mishra, Dr. Martina Kroll, Dr. Shin-Ichi Ohira, Shilpa Rashinkar, Dr. Andrea Kirk

Research Group Picture - 2008

Pictured (Left to Right):

Dr. Shin-Ichi Ohira, Jason Dyke, Yongjing (Lilian) Chen, Santosh Mishra, Dr. Masanobu Mori, Zafreen Hossian, Eric Walsh, Dr. Bing Cheng Yang, Dr. Nagabhushana Katte, Dr. Purnendu (Sandy) Dasgupta, Dr. Lu Chao, Shilpa Rashinkar, Dr. Mrinal Sengupta, Dr. Maather Sawalha, Dr. Andrea Kirk, Dr. Guanqun Song


Research Group Picture - 2007


Front Row: Dr. Maather Sawalha, Dr. Purnendu (Sandy) Dasgupta, Yongjing Chen, Yining Liu, Dr. Shin-Ichi Ohira, Dr. Bing Cheng Yang, Jason Dyke

Back Row: Santosh Mishra, Dr. Andera Kirk, Dr. Ignacio Villanueva, Dr. Ademola (David) Idowu, Dr. Mrinal Sengupta, Dr. Lu Chao, Dr. Tian Kang


Research Group Picture - 2006


Front Row: Yining Liu, Dr. Surrender Prasad, Dr. Masaki Takeuchi, Ademola (David) Idowu, Dr. Tian Kang

Middle Row: Dr. Maather Sawalha, Dr. Bing Cheng Yang, Dr. Purnendu (Sandy) Dasgupta, Dr. Ignacio  Villanueva, Dr. Shin-Ichi Ohira

Back Row: Jason Dyke, Santosh Mishra, Duane Hindes

Not Pictured: Dr. Andrea Kirk



Research Group Picture - 2005


Front Row: Yining Liu, Kalyani Martinelango, Dr. Purnendu (Sandy) Dasgupta, Tinakorn Kanyanee, Dr. Masaki Takeuchi

Back Row: Natchanon Amornthammarong, Dr. Jianzong Li, Genfa Zhang, Qing Yang Li, Duane Hindes, Ademola (David) Idowu, Jason Dyke, Balaji Rao, Vince Wilde, Rhamat Ullah



Research Group Picture - 2004

Standing L to R:  Kyoo Dong Jo, Dr. Jianzhong Li, Qingyang Li, Ademola Idowu, Dr. Masaki Takeuchi, Professor Kei Toda, Kavin Morris, Genfa Zhang.

Sitting L to R: Professor Norio Teshima, Kalyani Martinelango, Professor Dasgupta, In Yong Eom.  On Ground:  Rahmat Ullah, Vince Wilde, Professor Petr Kuban


Research Group Picture - 2003

Al-Horr’s graduation: Variously present are:

Professor Norio Teshima with wife and babies, Masaki and Girlfriend, Petr Kuban with parents and Kadri, Kyoo Dong Jo and wife with son, Nithi and Rahmat Ullah, Kajori and Shubha, In Yong Eom and wife and baby, Professor George Cobb and Penny, Ademola Idowu, Dr. Jianzhong Li, newly minted Dr. Rida Al-Horr, Professor Dasgupta, Rida’s brother, Qingyang Li and wife, Eduardo Borges (not in photo cuz taking the picture), wife and Isabella, E Hope Norman


Research Group Picture - 2002

Back Row Rahmat Ullah, Rida Al-Horr, Qingyang Li, Professor Petr Kuban, Dr. Masaki Takeuchi, Kyoo Dong Jo, Professor Toshio Takayanagi, Dr. Jianzhong Li.

Front row: Vince Wilde, Genfa Zhang, Professor Dasgupta, In Yong Eom, Kalyani Martinelango, Dr. Kazimierz Surowiec


Research Group Picture - 2001

Standing: Dr. Kaz Surowiec, Qingyang Li, Dr. Gautam Samanta, Shuming Zhang, Professor Dasgupta, Kyoo Dong Jo, Dr. Jianzhong Li,.  Kneeling: Genfa Zhang, Dr. Zhen Yang, Dr. Xiao Li Su, Rahmat Ullah, In Yong Eom, Dr. Kathikeyan Sathrughnan