Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers…

Incorporating the best practices in teaching mathematics to obtain a deep understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts for a unique professional development experience.

Department of Mathematics

The University of Texas at Arlington

The master of arts program in the Department of Mathematics is designed for those who are interested in strengthening their understanding of mathematics and enriching their mathematics teaching. The program focuses on enhancing mathematics teaching through preparation in topics grounded in secondary school mathematics from an advanced standpoint. The program embraces a philosophy of teaching and learning mathematics that is consistent with the landmark Standards documents produced by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The requirements for the Master of Arts degree are 30 hours of graduate courses from the Department of Mathematics and a 3-hour project.

All students must complete the following:

Required Courses (6) and Project:

*MATH 5340 Concepts and Techniques in Discrete Mathematics

 MATH 5341 Concepts and Techniques in Geometry

MATH 5342 Concepts and Techniques in Algebra

MATH 5343 Concepts and Techniques in Probability and Statistics

 MATH 5344 Mathematics-specific Technologies

MATH 5345 Concepts and Techniques in Analysis

MATH 5395: Project—Individual Director-Approved Research


*For students entering the program in Fall 2012, Math 5340 will be an elective course option and not a required course.

Elective Courses (4):

MATH 5300 Computer Programming and Applications

MATH 5305 Statistical Methods

MATH 5307 Mathematical Analysis I

MATH 5308 Mathematical Analysis II

MATH 5333 Linear Algebra and Matrices

 MATH 5336 Concepts and Techniques in Number Theory

MATH 5337 Concepts and Techniques in Calculus

*MATH 5346 Concepts and Techniques in Problem Solving

MATH 5347 Concepts and Techniques in Modeling and Applications

MATH 5352 Concepts and Techniques in Precalculus

MATH 5380 Seminar—Study of Current Topics in Mathematics

MATH 5392 Selected Topics in Mathematics

*For students entering the program in Fall 2012, Math 5346 will be a required course option and not an elective course.



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