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  • There may never be a better time to study for a Masters in Economics. If you are looking for a way to advance your career, more people are earning graduate degrees. In our competitive job market, graduate experience sends a strong signal to potential employers.
  • The UTA Department of Economics offers a flexible range of degree programs. The Traditional Thesis Option is designed for students who intend to pursue a Ph.D. in Economics. Our standard Non-Thesis option offers students the theory and statistical skills that will allow graduates to face the challenges of being a professional economist. The department’s third option, Applied Economic Analysis, is designed for those students looking to specialize in providing the quantitative statistics that many firms and government agencies are now looking to obtain. All of our programs are taught by leading research economists who are members of our AACSB-accredited faculty.
  • Standard admittance into the Economics MA program requires the GMAT or GRE, and the majority of our students follow this path. However, if you are an Economics undergraduate at UTA, consider Facilitated Admissions or the Fast Track program. Facilitated Admissions allows a student to enter the graduate program without the GRE or GMAT. Fast Track waives the GRE or GMAT and has the added benefit of allowing a student to take graduate courses as a senior and have those courses count for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. To find out more information about these programs, look to the UTA Economics website.
  • The Department of Economics is very proud of the financial assistance it has available for its students. The department offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students in addition to Graduate Assistantships for outstanding masters candidates in the Economics program. More information can be found on the UTA Economics website, or you may contact the graduate advisor, Tim Wunder in COBA 319.