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College of Business Web Style

As web pages on the College of Business (CoB) website are viewed, the site visitor gains an impression of the College, its course offerings and programs, its faculty, and its facilities. Our audience includes current and prospective students, parents, faculty and staff, and the general community, as well as businesses and industry seeking to educate their employees or hire CoB students. We must ensure as positive an experience as possible for all visitors to our website.

Toward this goal, the CoB Web Style Guide was developed to ensure appropriate use and consistency of basic information and appearance among websites on the CoB domains. The CoB Web Style Guide provides rules for basic content, branding, and web accessibility, while allowing flexibility in additional content and function. It sets content requirements and guidelines for the look and feel of CoB websites whether they reside on CoB web servers or at an off-site web host.

Each Web Maintainer responsible for CoB departmental websites or websites of various programs within the CoB are required to meet the requirements of the CoB Web Style Guide for the websites(s) he/she maintains and for reviewing the site(s) periodically for continued conformity to requirements. Web Maintainers are especially encouraged to periodically check the News for CoB Web Maintainers site for the latest information concerning any changes to the CoB Web Style Guide or notifications of interest to CoB Web Maintainers.

Questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this site or these standards may be sent to the CoB Webmaster.