Business Undergraduate Advising

Special Business Programs and Opportunities

There are a number of ways you can enhance your undergraduate business degree to be more marketable in the business community. While each of the programs and opportunities below will add value to your degree, be strategic in choosing those that align with your personal, academic, financial and career goals. You MUST schedule an appointment with your business advisor to determine how each choice will affect your degree progress and/or graduation date.



  • Business Honors Program

    The Business Honors Program operates as part of the Honors College at UTA. It is designed for the intelligent and motivated student looking for an enriched and stimulating learning environment. Participation is open to students who maintain a UTA GPA of 3.2 or higher. Honors degree requirements are compatible with all business degree programs. Students who successfully complete the program receive a special citation on their diploma.

  • Goolsby Leadership Academy

    The Goolsby Leadership Academy is a leadership development program for undergraduate business students. Specialized leadership courses are taught by Distinguished Goolsby Professors and integrated into the student's business degree program. The academy also includes leadership development exercises, mentoring, coaching and interaction with business executives. Completion of the program constitutes completion of an honors degree. Business students are selected at the beginning of their junior year and, as Goolsby Scholars, receive significant scholarship money.

  • Minors in Business

    Business Majors:
    •  Each of our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) programs has a subject area concentration (accounting, finance, management, etc.) and a business core that provides you with a well-rounded educational experience and prepares you for your future career. The BBA programs as well as the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Accounting and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Systems do not require or allow minors in addition to the designated degree requirements.
    •  The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Economics requires an 18-hour minor as part of the degree requirements.

    Non-Business Majors:
    •  Not all Major Departments allow the addition of a minor to the degree program. Please check with your Major Department before scheduling an appointment with a business advisor.
    •  Minors in Business require 18 hours in one of the following areas: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics or Information Systems.

  • Internship Credit

    One approved internship can satisfy the three-hour credit requirement for an advanced business elective, if available on your specific degree program. If you have already received one approved internship for credit (or you do not have an available advanced business elective), you can still participate in an internship; however, the internship will not apply toward a degree requirement. Credit will not be given for previous experience or activities.

    You must be a declared major with a junior or senior standing and a UTA GPA of 2.5 or better to participate in an internship. The internship must be related to your major and is graded on a pass/fail basis.

    Explore internship opportunities through your major department, Business Careers and Internships, The Lockheed Martin Career Development Center or HIREAMAV. The Internship Coordinator for your major must approve the internship.

    You are responsible for completing all sections of the internship application with the designated party and returning it to the major Internship Coordinator by the designated deadlines.

  • Certificates

    The College of Business offers undergraduate certificate programs in Entrepreneurship and Sales.

  • Fast Track and Professional Programs

    The College of Business offers Fast Track Programs in Accounting and Business, both of which allow you to satisfy degree requirements that will lead to a master's degree while completing the undergraduate program. The bachelor's degree requirements must be satisfied prior to entering the master's program.

    The Accounting Department also offers the Professional Program in Accounting (PPIA), which allows a student to complete a bachelor's degree and master's degree simultaneously. Eligibility and completion requirements are diffferent from the Fast Track Master's Degree in Accounting.

    Please schedule an appointment with a business advisor to determine the option that best aligns with your goals and academic performance.