Graduate Business Services


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Internship Information

  • Up to three hours of credit can be earned
  • Pick discipline that applies to the internship
  • Start by completing Internship Form 1.
  • You must have a 3.0 grade point average
  • Check with appropriate Internship Coordinator for any department-specific requirements
  • Allow at least two weeks prior to start of semester for processing

Internship Coordinators

Department  Coordinator  Room
 Accounting  Terra Brown McGhee   CoB 435   817-272-0710
 Economics  Tara Brown  CoB 320   817-272-3061 
 Finance  Steve Isbell  CoB 434   817-272-3705
 HCAD  Candy Baptist NA  817-272-5990
 Information Systems
 Operations Management 
 Randy Napier  CoB 517   817-272-7398
 Management  Thomas Graca  CoB 209   817-272-3868
 Marketing  Chien Le  CoB 629   817-272-6743