Graduate Business Services

Dual Degrees

UT Arlington's dual degree option enables students to earn two advanced degrees with significant savings in time and cost. Through the dual degree option, students can earn the breadth and depth of knowledge of an MBA combined with a specialized master's degree. The dual degree option also makes it possible for students to earn two specialized master's degrees among a variety of professional and technical disciplines. A graduate advisor can provide more information about the career advantages of dual degrees and the degree program combinations available under this option. Some programs do not participate in dual degree programs.

Dual degree options include specialized degree programs in the following disciplines:

  • accounting
  • business analytics
  • economics
  • health care administration
  • human resource management
  • information systems
  • logistics
  • marketing research
  • quantitative finance

If you wish to pursue a dual degree:

  1. General - You must
    • Not have completed more than 24 hours of advanced courses in your current program.
    • Meet the new program's admissions standards. For information on admission standards please contact Graduate Business Services or go to the graduate catalog.
  2. The application
    Once you have decided to apply for a dual degree you can contact Graduate Business Services Office to obtain the following forms:
    • Change of Program Form: Please provide all information requested. Some additional information is required. In the "reason for requesting the change," indicate which degree you plan to complete first. Your "reason for requesting the change" should also clearly state the career advantage you intend to gain.
    • Request a dual degree program of work be completed for both programs. This is important so that each Advisor can verify that their program degree requirements are met and ensure that no more than the maximum allowable number of joint courses is listed (see graduate catalog). A joint course is one that counts towards both programs.
  3. Program Director's Audit
    Once both copies of the above documents are completed they will be reviewed by both Program Directors. Your application will then be submitted for approval by the advisors to the Graduate School.
  4. Change to Second Degree Program
    Please keep in mind that your second degree must be completed within three years after graduating from your first degree.