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The University of Texas at Arlington


Barney C. Barnes Scholarship

  • Purpose
  • The Barney C. Barnes Memorial Scholarship was established to award a scholarship annually to an outstanding student majoring in accounting at The University of Texas at Arlington. Funding was provided through gifts in memory of Mr. Barnes by fellow civic leaders and friends in the City of Arlington, Texas, and by colleagues and associates at UTA. Additional funding was provided by Mrs. Barney C. (Frances) Barnes to pay tribute to the honor of her late husband.
  • About Barney C. Barnes
  • Barney C. Barnes was instrumental in the development of The University of Texas at Arlington, having served the university in several capacities (including Registrar, accounting faculty member, Head of the Business Department and Vice President for Fiscal Affairs) for some 40 years beginning in 1929. Barney C. Barnes was also a business and community leader in the City of Arlington, serving two terms as Mayor from 1947 to 1951.
  • Criteria
  • To be eligible for the Barney C. Barnes Scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:
    1. Be a declared accounting major currently enrolled in a minimum of nine semester hours at The University of Texas at Arlington;
    2. Have completed a minimum of fifteen (15) semester hours of accounting courses at The University of Texas at Arlington;
    3. Have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 overall in courses completed at UTA, and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in accounting courses completed at UTA, and be judged capable of completing a baccalaureate degree in accounting at UTA; and
    4. Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Recipients
  • 2018: Mark Flores
  • 2017: Warren Benjamin
  • 2016: Chris Hibbard; Naoki Jitsuyama
  • 2015: Adam A. Abdulmujeeb; Desiree R. Grubbs
  • 2014: James Boutwell; Daniel Chamberlain; Richard Goeke
  • 2013: Fang Zhou
  • 2012: Gregory Garza; Tammy Reed, Daniel Robinson
  • 2011: Jennifer Fox, Lisa Reynolds
  • 2010: Kirsten Watters, Andrew Hines
  • 2009: Kirsten Watters, Melanie Lara
  • 2008: Ariana Gomez, Christopher Lawler
  • 2007: Stephanie Buduhan, Brianna Solis, Maria Ramirez, Rachel Feldstein
  • 2006: Eleonora Clemens, Daniel Montgomery, Derek Lemke
  • 2005: Heather Banks, Kimberly Harris, Andrew McCaghren
  • 2004: Katrina Hamilton
  • 2003: Keithen Akanni, Eleonora Goethe
  • 2002: Tammy Coffman, Daniel Hornback, Jennifer Reynolds
  • 2001: Marie Bosillo
  • 2000: Casandra Smart
  • 1999: No scholarship awarded
  • 1998: Wayne Lundquist
  • 1997: Susan Hicks