Tax Certificate program

The Tax Certificate program is designed to serve degreed professionals who wish to update or add to their knowledge of taxation. The program allows students to complete four graduate level taxation courses selected from the following list:
  • ACCT. 5339 - Tax Planning and Research
  • ACCT. 5341 - Tax Problems of Partnerships and Partners
  • ACCT. 5342 - Tax Problems of Corporations and Shareholders
  • ACCT. 5345 - State and Local Tax
  • ACCT. 5346 - Tax Practice and Procedure
  • ACCT. 5347 - Federal Taxation of Estates and Gifts
  • ACCT 5372 - Taxation and Regulation of International Transactions
Each of the above courses has as a prerequisite ACCT 5314 or equivalent (Principles of Federal Income Tax). ACCT 5339 (Tax Planning and Research) is a required course for all other taxation courses and must be taken before any other tax course may be taken. ACCT 5314 (Individual Income Taxation or its Graduate/Undergraduate equivalent) is the prerequisite for ACCT 5339. Student who have not completed an individual income tax course may take ACCT 5314 in addition to the other four taxation courses.

All courses are offered in the evenings (typically two in the Fall, two in the Spring, and two in the Summer) and four courses can be completed in a year or less. Participants receive a certificate upon satisfactory completion of the program.
Program Operation
Once admitted to the program, participants may take up to four of the approved taxation courses (five if ACCT 5314 is necessary). The terms of admission restrict participants to the approved taxation courses; participants are not allowed to take courses outside the scope of the program.
Admission criteria for the Tax Certificate program is as stated in the current Graduate Catalogue:

Participants in the Tax Certificate program who later seek a master's degree in accounting or taxation at UTA may apply up to 12 hours of the coursework toward the master's degree program (subject to the requirements of the specific degree pursued). Student advising is provided by the Graduate Accounting Advisor.

For more information contact:
To apply for admission contact: Graduate Admissions Center
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