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Professional Certification Faqs

  • Q: What is the career significance of earning a professional certification?
  • A: Earning a professional certification brings many important benefits including: better advancement opportunities, higher compensation, greater career mobility, increased competence as an accountant, and greater respect from colleagues and others.
  • Q: Which certification is most helpful in advancing one's career?
  • A: Many individuals pursue the CPA certification because it is the most widely recognized certification and it is well respected in all areas of the profession (public practice, business, and government). Each year more individuals sit for the CPA examination than all other accounting-related certifications combined.
  • If you plan to restrict your career to positions in business then the CMA certification is a good alternative. If you plan to work as an internal auditor in business or government the CIA certification is a good choice. The other certifications (CFA, CFE, CISA) are more specialized, and individuals holding these often first obtain the CPA certification.
  • For most individuals just starting out in the accounting profession the CPA certification is a good choice. For more information about obtaining the CPA certification in Texas consult the FAQ: Becoming A CPA link on this website.