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Professional Program in Accounting


The Professional Program in Accounting (PPIA) prepares students for professional careers in the public, private, or governmental sector. As part of this objective the program is designed to provide the educational background to become a Certified Public Accountant or to attain other professional certifications.


Program Description

The PPIA is an integrated five-year program that allows students to concurrently earn a bachelor's degree (either BBA-Accounting or BS-Accounting) and a master's degree (either MS-Accounting or MS-Taxation). The advantage of this program is that it permits students to earn both accounting degrees with fewer semester hours (and at a lower cost) than would be necessary if both degrees were pursued separately. Requirements for the PPIA are as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog.


BBA/BS-Accounting Option

For students who choose to pursue either the BBA or BS-Accounting degree the PPIA program consists of the normal degree requirements for the degrees (122 semester hours), plus the normal degree requirements for either the MSA or MST degree (37 semester hours), less 6 undergraduate semester hours that are waived.


Students select which master's degree to pursue, and the total program consists of 153 semester hours.


  For details on the MSA program, see the degree checklist (pdf 92K).
  For details on the MST program, see the degree checklist (pdf 96K).