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MS-Taxation degree program


The MS-Taxation degree program (MST) prepares students for professional tax careers in the public, private, or governmental sector. As part of this objective the program is designed to provide the educational background to become a Certified Public Accountant.

The MST degree is designed for individuals who hold an undergraduate degree in accounting who wish to specialize in taxation. Students who want to specialize in an area other than taxation should consider the MS-Accounting degree.



The MS-Taxation degree requires a minimum of 37 semester hours of coursework. Included in this total are:

          15 semester hours of required accounting courses
          06 semester hours of restricted accounting electives
          06 semester hours of taxation electives
          09 semester hours of business electives
          01 semester hour of accounting professionalism

          37 total semester hours

The required accounting coursework includes an advanced accounting course that may have been completed by the student at the undergraduate level. If the student already has credit for this course then the graduate requirement is waived and the student will have an additional accounting elective.

All of the business electives may be concentrated in a single business discipline (economics, finance, information systems, management, marketing). No accounting courses may be used in the business electives category.

Due to the new CPA exam eligibility requirements, it is strongly recommended that BCOM 5375 (Business Communications) and ACCT 5380 (Ethics in Accounting) be selected as two of the student's business electives.  Ethics is not considered an accounting course, but rather a business elective.

For details see MST Degree Program of Work. For the most current Program of Work, please see the Graduate Advisor.

Background Requirements
The program also includes a requirement that students demonstrate current competency in certain background (undergraduate-level) 'General Education', 'Business Education', and 'Accounting Education' areas prior to enrollment in advanced coursework. If college-level courses in these areas have not been completed with a grade of A or B, students must include these courses in their program of work. Students who hold an undergraduate accounting degree will normally satisfy the background requirements without additional coursework.

Please consult with the Graduate Advisor to see if additional coursework is necessary. All additional coursework can be completed while obtaining the MPA degree. There is no need for additional coursework to be taken prior to entering the program.


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