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BBA-Accounting degree program


The BBA-Accounting degree prepares students for careers in industry or government, and provides a broader education than the BS-Accounting degree. When coupled with additional coursework, the degree will also prepare students for careers in public accounting.



The BBA-Accounting degree requires a total of 122 semester hours of work. Included in this total are:


      047 semester hours of general education coursework
      036 semester hours of business core coursework
      027 semester hours of accounting coursework
        12 semester hours of advanced business electives

      122 total semester hours

The selection of two advanced business electives (3000 and 4000 level courses) is made in consultation with the undergraduate advisor.

For details see the COBA Undergraduate Advising Center web page for the BBA-Accounting degree. 

For more information contact:
To apply for admission contact: Undergraduate Admissions Center