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Most games require the latest version of  Java.


Picture of Screen from the game

Match questions to answers to win points


Test your driving skills if you drink

Wordblaster's picture of wordblaster game board

etters drop on the

screen.  You arrange

them into words.  It's more challenging than you think! 

picture of puzzles in game

Puzzle:  Scrambles  the picture you select. You drag the pieces back together. Beat the champs and record your name.   

Picture of ultimate trivia game board

 Infinite Trivia

Test your  substance abuse knowledge.  Can you beat the high score?

picture of infinite trivia game board linking to gameDrugs & ladder plays like the snakes and ladder games
Picture of the Hockey goalieHockey Shoot Out:  Answer correctly and take shots to become the top scorer Picture of one screen from the game
Idol:  Project your idol on a moving box.  Test version.  Only male, 16-18, English, Anger management works.
Picture of Screen from the game

Think Fast: 

Move in a tunnel


boxes.  Game content needs to be added for most categories.  Try 16-18 boys, know your drugs.

Games Under development

Consequences (under development)


Cleanteen (under development)


Avoidance (under development)

WordFinder game board pic:  many little squaresWords are hiding, click to find them




Picture of the Mosaic opening page

Discover the pictures and sounds under each piece of a mosaic (under development)

Short Stories

Add your information to a story and see how the story turns out.  You can be the main character.


(Under Development)V2 What would you do in touch situations.  Scores depend on whether your decisions are good or bad. 

Smart Decisions:  Content needs to be reworked 
Guess:  Answer correctly or be eaten by a shark

Question & Answer game  Answer questions and move on a game board

Win & Fun:  Drag answers to questions

Cell Idol:  Under development for smartphone

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