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HUSITA Topic Primers

    HUSITA is in the process of developing Topic Primers.  The Topic Primers service of HUSITA presents basic information on a topic related to human services technology.  The purpose of a Primer is to summarize and accumulate knowledge on a topic so that a novice can quickly understand current concepts, issues, and lessons learned.  Individuals or groups of HUSITA members can develop and maintain one or more primers in their area of expertise.  Primers are reviewed for quality by at least two members of the HUSITA Board.  Primers may contain a discussion forum maintained by the developer.  Primers are to be reviewed and updated every 6 months by the developers.  Primers need not follow a specific format.  However, the following outline may be useful in organizing your topic area. 

  1. Introduction:  Purpose of the primer. What is included and excluded in the primer and why.
  2. Definitions of concepts and terms (could be in a table or glossary)
  3. Current activities and applications related to this topic with links to the Web and the print literature
  4. Lessons learned and pitfalls to be avoided on this topic
  5. Issues and unresolved controversies on this topic
  6. Research and applications needed on this topic which may include hypotheses to be tested
  7. Conclusion

Primers might be available on the following topics (click to find information on the topics below).  If you would like to develop a primer, let us know by clicking here

Topic Area Maintained by Updated

Generic Human Services Information Technology Topics

Overview of Human Services Information/Communication Tech Expert needed to develop primer  
Ethics in Human Services IT Expert needed to develop primer  
Down side of IT & human services, e.g., e-waste & the poor,  etc. Expert needed to develop primer  

Policy and Community Applications

Partnership for Stronger Communities, Powerpoint Dick Schoech


Advocacy and the Web John McNutt  
Digital Divide (European perspective) Jan Steyaert  

Administration and Management Applications

Developing Information Systems Dick Schoech  
Decision Support Systems Expert needed to develop primer  
Organizational Intelligence Expert needed to develop primer  
MIS effectiveness Dale Fitch, U of Michigan  

Worker Support Applications

Clinical Information Systems Expert needed to develop primer  
E-therapy, Online-human services, etc. Expert needed to develop primer  
Entitlement and Assessment Tools and Technologies Gareth Morgan, Ferret Information Systems Ltd.  

Self Help Applications

Self-help support groups Expert needed to develop primer  
Consumer guide to human services on the Internet Expert needed to develop primer  

Education & IT Mediated Learning

Distance Education (includes 2 way video and many technologies) Expert needed to develop primer  
Computer-based training (typically via CD-ROM or download) Expert needed to develop primer  
Web-based learning Elizabeth George, N. American Training Institute  

Information and Communication Technology Tools most Relevant for the Human Services

MultiMedia Expert needed to develop primer  

HUSITA is a virtual association of human service professionals interested in promoting the ethical and effective use of IT to better serve humanity