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HUSITA Electronic Discussion List (listserv)

The HUSITA mailing list uses listserv tools to link HUSITA members.  The HUSITA mailing list started in 1985 as CUSSNet (Computer Use in Social Services Network).  It is a mechanism for people to exchange information and experiences on using IT in the human services.  It is operated by the HUSITA organization, an international association of IT innovators in human services dedicated to promoting the ethical and effective use of IT to better serve humanity. The HUSITA mailing list is not moderated.  The owners (Dick Schoech and Tom Hanna) reserve the right to remove those who offend, abuse, aggravate, or blatantly try to profit from the list.  Adequate warnings will be given. 

To subscribe

To subscribe to the HUSITA mailing list, send the message below to

subscribe husita yourfirstname yourlastname

To unsubscribe from the HUSITA listserv

Do not include a message subject. In the body of the message, write

signoff husita

To send a message to the list once you subscribe

To send a message to the list, send it to HUSITA@LISTSERV.UTA.EDU.


To change your email address

To change from one email address used by the list to another, unsubscribe using the old email address, then subscribe with the new email address.  If you no longer have the old email address, subscribe with the new email address and the old email address will automatically be deleted by the listserv when it no longer works. 


For old message in the HUSITA Archive

 You must be subscribed to view old messages.  The HUSITA listserv archive is at


To receive the list as a digest

The HUSITA mailing list is available as a digest (all messages for each day lumped together). To receive HUSITA mailing list as a digest, send the following command to

set husita digest

To go back from digest mode to the normal method of receiving each message individually, send the command.

set husita no digest


HUSITA is a virtual association of human service professionals interested in promoting the ethical and effective use of IT to better serve humanity