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How to Join
If you are interested in the convergence of information technology and the human services and seek to enrich your college experience through participation in a college club, then the HUSITA College Club may be for you. Our ultimate aim is the betterment of humanity and we welcome your contribution.

Please view our current list of chapters.
If you want to start a new chapter, we can help you to get started. For more information, email the Secretariat.

About HCC

The HUSITA College Club is a student affiliate of Human Service Information Technology Applications. Its purpose is educational enrichment and career preparation for college students who are interested in the convergence of information technology and human services. As HUSITA has been formed in large part to bridge the professional divide between human services and IT, the HUSITA College Club strives to bridge the educational divide. IT programs rarely address human services. Human services programs rarely address IT. Students who seek to pursue careers in IT for the human services generally need to supplement their course material. Through the HUSITA College Club, students can assist one another and work with like minded professionals to accomplish this task.

Additionally, students can lend one another support in pursuing this career track. At human service schools, most students plan for clinical, group, or administrative careers. At technology schools, students generally prepare for careers in industry. At either place, a student with a strong interest in both disciplines would be on his or her own without peers to help cultivate his or her interest or with whom to discuss the trials and tribulations of the journey. As a result, many students with such an interest are pulled to the more traditional paths of human services without the benefits of technology or technology for industry. The HUSITA College Club provides a forum for interaction between technology and human services students, two types of people that rarely meet. This interaction enriches both groups and may lead to the formation of professional connections down the line.

The HUSITA College Club consists of a secretariat, or administrative office, and college specific and regional chapters. The Secretariat works to develop new chapters, coordinate communication and activity between chapters, suggest programming, and insure compliance by chapters with Club by-laws. The chapters engage in educational programming and group activities.

Educational programming and group activities for HUSITA College Club chapters include the following:

We Are Virtual

image of communication devicesThe HUSITA College Club Secretariat utilizes technology for remote communication and chapters can do likewise. Mostly, we employ the web, VoIP, Internet chat, email, and conference calls for our interaction. Our remote communications will be a boon to home bound, commuter, and working students and to students who are otherwise not able to physically attend meetings or activities.  Each chapter chooses the format that bests suits its needs.

HUSITA is a virtual association of human service professionals interested in promoting the ethical and effective use of IT to better serve humanity.