HUSITA9 at 2010 Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development - ICT as a Context for Human Services


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Many of us would still remember that in the first HUSITA Conference held in 1985, a lot of discussions centered around the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as tools for enhancing the delivery of human services, both in terms of increasing administrative effectiveness and improving the quality of professional practice.


As ICT becomes more common year after year, previous HUSITA Conferences develop into platforms for scholars and practitioners to share the results of their explorations into adopting ICT for human services, across a wide range of practice fields and across all the continents.


Today, ICT has penetrated into every facet of daily life in modern societies. ICT is not only a collection of tools for human service practitioners to use, but in actual fact it is also a context upon which human services take place. For example, the Internet has literally become a ‘space’ for people to congregate and exchange ideas, to conduct their daily businesses, and to develop their social lives. Consequently, the opportunities, as well as challenges, that are facing human service practitioners have obviously became more complicated and more pressing than ever.


Following the rationale, the legacy of HUSITA conferences, as a space for professional exchange and sharing of experience so as to promote effective adoption of ICT in human services, continues to develop.


To extend the reach of the HUSITA network, the HUSITA Board has decided to leverage on the 2010 Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development to be held in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, PRC, 10-14 June 2010.  HUSITA 9 will be held as the innovation / technology stream in the 2010 Joint World Conference.  The Conference will be attended by over 2,000 professionals, academic, practitioners, social planners, policy makers and advocates from all parts of the world.  The arrangement will help promote a technology perspective in mainstream human services practice.


Under this special arrangement, the registration and paper submission of HUSITA9 will be managed by the 2010 Joint World Conference secretariat office.


While details are being worked out, the HUSITA9 at 2010 Joint World Conference will consist of, but not limited to, the following programs:


- Anchoring Event cum HUSITA Best Application Award Prize Presentation Ceremony

- Networking and exchange event

- Paper presentation sessions and workshops

- Posters / Multimedia presentation sessions

- Track of field visits


In addition, HUSITA will also take an active role in arranging innovation / technology visits within the post conference tour to Mainland China.


We look forward to seeing you in HUSITA9 at 2010 Joint World Conference in Hong Kong. 


Sub-Themes of HUSITA9


Information & Communication Technology and Social Work


Web 2.0 and Social Work


Digital Inclusion and Social Development