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Advisory Board Members

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Advisory board- Chuck Miller
Board Chair
Chuck Miller
  View Chuck Miller's LinkedIn profile
Digital Marketing & Measurement, LLC

Advisory board- Robin Alex
Robin Alex   View Robin Alex's LinkedIn profile
Shopper Insights Lead
The Hershey Company
Advisory board- Sara Baker
Sara Baker   View Sara Baker's LinkedIn profile
Senior Analyst
American Airlines
Advisory board- Jaime-Baker Prewitt
Jaime-Baker Prewitt   View Jaime-Baker Prewitt's LinkedIn profile
SVP/Director of Decision Sciences
Burke, Inc
Advisory board- Joe Baldi
Joe Baldi   View Jaime-Baker Prewitt's LinkedIn profile
Principal, Issues and Answers
Advisory board- Ray Barber
Ray Barber   View Ray Barber's LinkedIn profile
Global Research Partners
Advisory board- Thonisha Barnes
Thonisha Barnes   View Thonisha Barner's LinkedIn profile
Senior Manager, Consumer Insights
JC Penny
Advisory board- Anne Bailey Berman
Anne Bailey Berman   View Anne Bailey Berman's LinkedIn profile
Chadwick Martin Bailey
Advisory board- Kristin Chatila
Kristin Chatila   View Kristin Chatila's LinkedIn profile
Senior Market Research Analyst
Dell Services
Advisory board- Sandy Eubank
Sandy Eubank   View Sandy Eubank's LinkedIn profile
Chief Marketing Sciences Officer
Omnicom Media Group
Advisory board- Mike Foytik
Mike Foytik   View Mike Foytik's LinkedIn profile
DSS Research, Inc
Advisory board- Ana Galindo
Ana Galindo   View Ana Galindo's LinkedIn profile
Market Intelligence & Consumer
Insights Manager for the Americas
YANMAR America
Advisory board- Laurie Harrington
Laurie Harrington   View Laurie Harrington's LinkedIn profile

Analytical Services Manager
DSS Research, Inc
Advisory board- Jeff Harvey
Jeff Harvey   View Jeff Harvey's LinkedIn profile
Head of Business Development
Qualtrics, LLC
Advisory board- Chris Hauck
Chris Hauck   View Chris Hauck's LinkedIn profile
President – Sales and Marketing
Lynx Research Consulting
Advisory board- Anne Hedde
Anne Hedde   View Anne Hedde's LinkedIn profile
Executive Vice President
Schlesinger Interactive
Advisory board- Andrea Hickman
Andrea Hickman   View Andrea Hickman's LinkedIn profile
Senior Director Market Research
Sonic Drive-In
Advisory board- Michael Hooper
Michael Hooper   View Michael Hooper's LinkedIn profile
Principal Consultant/Subject Matter
Qualtrics, LLC
Advisory board- Jeff Hunter
Jeff Hunter   View Jeff Hunter's LinkedIn profile
Vice President of Client Services
Healthcare Division
Directions Research, Inc
Advisory board- Barry Jennings
Barry Jennings   View Barry Jenning's LinkedIn profile
Director, Commercial Insights
Advisory board- Chien Le
Chien Le   View Chien Le's LinkedIn profile
Director, Commercial Insights
Advisory board- Bilal Lodhi
Bilal Lodhi   View Bilal Lodhi's LinkedIn profile
Manager, Advance Analytics Group
Bain & Company
Advisory board- Mo Maraqa
Mo Maraqa   View Mo Maraqa's LinkedIn profile
Director of Strategic Partnerships
BlueLabs Analytics, Inc
Advisory board- Jack Marquardt
Jack Marquardt   View Jack Marquardt's LinkedIn profile
Vice President, Consumer Insights
Fruit of the Loom, Inc
Advisory board- Vidhya Mellarkod
Vidhya Mellarkod   View Vidhya Mellarkod's LinkedIn profile
Head of Enterprise Operations & Pricing
Advisory board- Michael Patterson
Michael Patterson   View Michael Patterson's LinkedIn profile
Senior Vice President
Probit Research
Advisory board- Theresa Ray
Theresa Ray   View Theresa Ray's LinkedIn profile
Director Program Management
IMS Health
Advisory board- Erika Smith
Erika Smith   View Erika Smith's LinkedIn profile
Vice President
MARC Research
Advisory board- Bill Tanner
Bill Tanner   View Bill Tanner's LinkedIn profile
Principal Owner
Bill Tanner Consulting
Advisory board- Jerry Thomas
Jerry Thomas   View Jerry Thomas's LinkedIn profile
Decision Analyst
Advisory board- Alan Traverse
Alan Traverse   View Alan Traverse's LinkedIn profile
Manager of Marketing Research
Dex Media
Advisory board- Vidyut Vashi
Vidyut Vashi   View Vidyut Vashi's LinkedIn profile
Partner, Advanced Analytics
Advisory board- Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace   View Chris Wallace's LinkedIn profile
Advisory board- Todd Walls
Todd Walls   View Todd Wall's LinkedIn profile
Chief Innovations Officer
Advisory board- Lisa Wilding-Brown
Lisa Wilding Brown   View Lisa Wilding-Brown's LinkedIn profile
Executive Vice President,
Global Operations
Advisory board- Andrew Zoota
Andrew Zoota   View Andrew Zoota's LinkedIn profile
Senior Vice President
MarketVision Research