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The Marketing Department at The University of Texas at Arlington has a flourishing internship program, matching undergraduate and graduate Marketing students with employers. An internship lasts for a semester, and is considered a part-time job as students continue with their class work.

The benefits to the student are the ability to gain practical knowledge of Marketing in real world, applying the knowledge learned in the classroom and seeing results from that application. Students earn 3 hours of advanced business elective credit for the semester internship.

The benefits to the employer are having a bright, eager Marketing student who can plug into the organization and utilize many of the tools and techniques learned in the classroom, becoming a productive member of the Marketing team in a short time period.

There are three PowerPoint presentations linked to this page. Select any or all of the presentations, and start the process to begin a UTA Marketing internship.

If you have any questions not answered by the presentation, please feel free to contact the Marketing Department internship coordinator, Dr. Lauren Brewer, at either lauren.brewer@uta.edu or at 817-272-6741.

List of available Internship opportunities