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The Professional Sales Program

The College of Business at the University of Texas at Arlington offers a Sales Certificate Program (SCP) to prepare students for a challenging and rewarding career in sales. SCP enhances the students’ ability to sell themselves, their ideas, as well as goods and services. It provides students with an understanding of how to manage mutually beneficial relationships with strategic customers. The SCP will be at the forefront in preparing students for successful careers in the competitive job market of today. Students will partake in rigorous sales and ethics training and preparation during the program's duration. The SCP curriculum offers a strong theoretical foundation yet also emphasizes managerial applications and practice.

Market Need

SCP is designed in response to a shortage of professional salespeople graduating from universities. The information summarized below provides strong evidence that the job market offers numerous opportunities to undergraduate students with a specialized degree in sales.

  • The 2012 annual report of the Sales Education Foundation shows that only 67 Universities worldwide offer a degree in sales, with 60 programs in the US and 7 overseas.
  • The report also shows that only 30 schools offer an undergraduate certificate degree in sales worldwide (29 in the US and 1 overseas).
  • Twenty-five US schools offering a sales certificate report student placement. Average student placement in 2011 was 91.28% (SD = 10.2%).
  • The Department of Labor projects that over 652 thousand new sales jobs will be added to the job market each year until 2020. However, less than 8 thousand students are currently enrolled in sales programs.

Ethics Imperative

Developing ethical leaders is an SCP imperative. Every day, business leaders face enormous decision making challenges brought on by the speed marketplace change, expansion of globalization and rapid advances in technology, especially in the area of communications. In making ethics a core knowledge area of business the Professional Selling Program, students will enhance knowledge about ethical decision making and frameworks for analysis. It will help students develop skills for integrating ethical concepts into business decision making and business practices. It will challenge students to greater self-awareness by encouraging personal reflection and values clarification on individual, organizational, and societal levels.

The PSP pursues the following objectives in its efforts to achieve its mission of excellence in sales education:

  • Provide a world class sales and business education through a variety of curriculum and other programs.
  • Emphasize the power of creating and making informative, persuasive, and ethical presentations in the marketplace.
  • Expand the frontiers of knowledge in professional selling and sales management education and research.
  • Promote professional selling and sales management as vital to the success of all organizations, large and small, for profit and not for profit.
  • Strengthen the relationship between the business and academic communities through leadership and innovative programs that foster a blending of the unique talents of each group.
  • Integrate curricular materials across multiple academic disciplines.
  • Foster cross-disciplinary research efforts.

Program Values

The faculty of the PSP is committed to becoming leaders in providing educational programs that will establish a foundation for lifetime learning in sales and business skills and business developments consistent with ethical and sustainable business practices. To that end, we bring a core set of values to all of our undertakings:

  • A belief that a solid educational foundation can serve students, as future sales professionals, for a lifetime.
  • A belief that a foundation in professional selling and managing salespeople can serve as building blocks for entrepreneurial success across industries and around the world.
  • A belief that education is a key ingredient in helping people realize their full potential in today’s global marketplace.
  • A belief that education is the foundational key to developing competencies and increasing productivity.
  • A belief that providing a productive, rewarding, and enjoyable educational experience will foster the learning and entrepreneurial development of dedicated sales professionals.
  • A belief that qualified, energetic, entrepreneurially oriented instructors will provide a challenging educational environment that will enhance the ability of students seeking knowledge and skills.

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