Full Time Faculty


George Benson, Department Chair & Associate Professor
PhD, University of Southern California, 2002
Telephone: 817-272-3856    Office: 213
Email: benson@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Employee Development, Human capital management, Employee Involvement, Corporate Governance.


Myrtle P Bell, Professor & PhD Coordinator
PhD, University of Texas-Arlington, 1996
Telephone: 817-272-3857    Office: 214
Email: mpbell@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Diversity and Social Issues at Work, Human Resources, Diversity Education and Training.


Wendy Casper, Peggy E. Swanson Endowed Chair of Mgmt, Associate Dean for Research, Director of COB PhD Programs
PhD, George Mason University, 2000
Telephone: 817-272-1133    Office: 233
Email: wjcasper@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Work-life Issues, Training and Development, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Multivariate Statistics.


Wayne Crawford, Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, 2015
Telephone: 817-272-3855    Office: 212
Email: wayne.crawford@uta.edu
Research Interests : Research methods; quantitative analysis; impression management; work-family interface; organizational politics; leader-member exchange; organizational deviance.


Deepak Datta, Eunice and James L.West Chair of Private Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1986
Telephone: 817-272-5493    Office: 204
Email: ddatta@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Business Policy, Management of Multinational Enterprises, Management of the Multinational Corporations.


Tom Graca, Director of MS-HRM Program and Clinical Professor
Ed.D, Texas A&M Commerce, 2004
J.D., Southern Methodist University, 2004
Telephone: 817-272-3868    Office: 231
Email: tomg@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Employment Law, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior


Beverly George, Clinical Assistant Professor
EdD, The George Washington University, 2004
Telephone: 817-272-3144    Office: 208
Email: bhgeorge@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behavior, Management Process Theory, Human Resource Management,
Business Society Ethics, with research in Action Learning Principles and Group Theory.


David Gray,  Professor
PhD, University of Massachusetts, 1974
Telephone: 817-272-3387    Office: 334
Email: gray@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : --

Alison Hall

Alison Hall, Assistant Professor
PhD, A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University, 2014
Telephone: 817-272-3862    Office: 224
Email: alison.hall@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Effective Leadership, Managing the Enterprise,Demographically-based Bias, Stigma
Leadership, Diversity, and Discrimination


Susanna Khavul, Research Professor
DBA, Boston University, 2001
Telephone: 817-272-3868    Office: 231
Email: skhavul@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation.


James Lavelle, Associate Professor
Telephone: 817-272-3854    Office: 211
Email: lavelle@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Negotiations and Conflict Management.


Dwight Long, Senior Lecturer
MBA, University of Texas-Arlington, 2008
Telephone: 817-272-2395    Office: 526
Email: delong@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Strategy.


David Mack, Clinical Professor
PhD, University of Texas-Arlington, 2000
Telephone: 817-272-3085    Office: 333
Email: davemack@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behavior, Organization Consulting & Research, Leadership.

Ann McFadyen, Associate Professor
PhD, Texas A & M University, 2000
Telephone: 817-272-0214    Office: 227
Email: mcfadyen@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organization Strategy, Knowledge Creation, Exchange Networks,
Strategic Alliances, Strategic Management.


Jeffrey McGee, Associate Professor
PhD, University of Georgia, 1992
Telephone: 817-272-3412    Office: 229
Email: jmcgee@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organization Strategy, Strategic Management .


Jeanne Michalski, Clinical Associate Professor
PhD, University of South Florida, 1990
Telephone: 817-272-3864    Office: 606
Email: michalski@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Effective Leadership, Staffing and Performance Management, Human Resources Management.


Liliana Pérez-Nordtvedt, Associate Professor
PhD, The University of Memphis, 2005
Telephone: 817-272-3858    Office: 215
Email: lnordtvedt@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Interorganizational Knowledge Transfer, Time in Organizations, International Collaboration, Strategic Management.


James Campbell Quick, John and Judy Goolsby- Jacqualyn A. Fouse Endowed Chair
PhD, University of Houston, 1977
Telephone: 817-272-3869    Office: 617
Email: jquick@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Leadership, Executive Health, Organizational Behavior,
Preventive Stress Management.


Abdul Rasheed, Eunice and James L. West Distinguished Professor
PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 1988
Telephone: 817-272-3867    Office: 209C
Email: abdul@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Corporate Governance, Franchising, International Management, Environment Analysis.


Dennis Veit , Senior Lecturer
MBA, Texas Christian University, 1978
Telephone: 817-272-3865    Office: 216
Email: dveit@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Leadership, Human Resource Management.


Terry Wilensky, Clinical Associate Professor
PhD, University of Missouri at Kansas City
Telephone: 817-272-0233    Office: 216
Email: twilensky@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organization Behavior, Communication In Organizations, Management Process Theory,
Ethics, Leadership, Teamwork, Performance & Human Resource Management, Team Management

Part Time Faculty


Georgetta Baptist
MHSM, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, 2001
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: candybaptist@uta.edu


Janice Carrell
PhD, Colorado Technical University Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2006
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 240C
Email: janice.carrell@uta.edu


Paul Hash
J.D., St. Marry University, 1987 
214-647-2105    Office: 209
Research/teaching : H.R.Law


Reinhard Janson
Master of Business Administration, Pace University, NY
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 240C
Email: rjanson@uta.edu


Rebecca Neilson
MS, University of Texas at Arlington
Telephone: 817-272-3649    Office: 107R
Email: rneilson@uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Leadership.


Patricia Parham
PhD, University of Texas at Austin
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 240C
Email: patricia.parham@uta.edu


Gary Peterson
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: gary.peterson@uta.edu


Dianne Sanchez
PhD, Capella University, MN
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 240C
Email: dianns@uta.edu


Jeff Severs
MBA, Rutgers University
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: jeff.severs@uta.edu

Lee Thurburn
MBA, University of Texas at Arlington
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 350
Email: thurburn@uta.edu

Health Care Administration Faculty


Demetria Wilhite, Program Advisor and Director
Telephone: 817-272-1287    Office: 208
Email: demetria@uta.edu


Doctoral Graduate Teaching Assistants


Ankita Agarwal, Teaching Assistant
PhD (Human Resource), MBA (Human Resource)
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: ankita.agarwal@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behavior, Strategic Human Resource Management


Esther Lamarre, Teaching Assistant
Master of Education, University of Georgia, 2011
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: esther.lamarre@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behavior & HR Management


Joohan Lee, Teaching Assistant
MS(HRM), Texas A&M University, 2010
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: joohan.lee@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Behaviors and HR management.


Ifeyimika Ogunyomi, Teaching Assistant
MS Human Resources, University of Texas, Arlington, 2016
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: ifeyimika.ogunyomi@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Human Resources


Tushar Shah, Teaching Assistant
Master's in Personnel Management, University of Pune,India, 1997
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: tushar.shah@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Organizational Strategy and HRM Through Analytics.


Singh Nitin Kumar, Teaching Assistant
MBA (Finance and Marketing)
Telephone: 817-272-3851    Office: 236
Email: nitin.singh@mavs.uta.edu


Kilho Shin, Teaching Assistant
MS Economics, SUNY Buffalo, 2014
Telephone: 817-272-3851    Office: 204
Email: kilho.shin@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Strategic Management and International Business


Manisha Vaswani, Teaching Assistant
M.Sc. Finance, St. Francis College (Osmania University) India, 2013
Telephone: 817-272-3851    Office: 236
Email: manisha.vaswani@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Strategic HR, Strategic Entrepreneurship & International Business.


Ajith Venugopal, Teaching Assistant
MBA, University of Kerala, India, 2004
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 236
Email: ajith.venugopal@mavs.uta.edu
Research/Teaching : Strategic Management,Innovation, Micro Foundations of Strategy.

Student/Faculty Assistants

Arpit Agrawal, Student Assistant
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: arpit.agrawal@mavs.uta.edu

Sanjana Suresh, Student Assistant
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: sanjana.suresh@mavs.uta.edu

Yamini Mahendran, Student Assistant
Telephone: 817-272-3166    Office: 209
Email: yamini.mahendran@mavs.uta.edu