Dissertations Chaired

Lee Warren Brown (2014).  Antecedents of Foreign Corporate Political Activity in American Politics.
Current position: Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University - Central Texas

Robert Greg Bell (2008).  Instituitional distance and foreign IPO performance. The moderating effects of governance and organizational capabilities.
Current position: Associate Professor, University of Dallas.

Hussam Al-Shammari (2006)CEO  option pay, risk taking, and firm performance: An examination of the moderating effects of firm’s governance structure, strategy, and environment.
Current position:
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Yousuf Al-Busaidi  (2006)Effects of legitimacy, agency, and business risks on board structure in initial public offering firms: The moderating impact of CEO compensation, CEO power, and stock market conditions.
Current position: Research Director for Culture, Basic and Social Sciences, Research council of the Sultanate of Oman

Eva Dodd-Walker (2005). Differences between women and minority businesses and nonminority businesses. A Culture based explanation.
Current position: Associate Professor, Troy State University

Nattharika Rittippant (2005). Multinational strategies as options creation and exercise. An Analysis of country, industry, and firm specific characteristics.
Current Position: Assistant Professor;Thammasat University, Thailand

Kong -Hee Kim (2005). CEO duality: Double-edged sword?  Implication of CEO duality on corporate strategic management
Current position: Associate Professor, St.Cloud State University.

Leonard Love (2003). The evolving pinnacle of the corporation: An explanatory study of the antecedents, processes and consequences of co-CEOS. (Co-chaired with R. Priem).
Current position: Assistant Professor, Texas A & M, San Antonio.

Cynthia Cycyota (2003). The influence of the institutional field on strategic issue interpretation by biotechnology executives. (Co-chaired with R.Priem).
Current position: Professor, U.S. Air Force Academy.

Vinay K. Garg (2000). The Relative Importance of Different Agency Problems in Organizing Economic Activity: An Investigation of Multiple Forms within Franchising Systems. (Co-chaired with R. Priem).
Current position: Associate Professor, Southwest Missouri State University.

Kenneth M. Gilley  (1997).  An Analysis of the Determinants and Performance Implications of Outsourcing Decisions.
Current Position: Bill Greehey Chair,Greehey School of Business,St.Mary's University,San Antonio.

Steven Lovett  (1997).  Parental Control of Foreign Subsidiaries: A Study of U.S. Subsidiaries in Mexico.
Current Position : Associate Professor , University of Texas at Brownville                 

 David Arnott  (1994).  Organizational and Stock Market Responses to U.S. Russian Joint Ventures.
Current Position : Professor, Dallas Baptist University