Dr. Wayne S. Crawford

Assistant Professor of Management


Crawford, W. S., Kacmar, K. M., & Harris, K. J. Do you see me as I see me? The effects of impression management congruence of actors and audiences. Conditionally accepted at Journal of Business and Psychology.

Crawford, W. S., Shanine, K. K., Whitman, M. V, & Kacmar, K. M. (2016). Examining the impostor phenomenon and work-family conflict. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 31, 375-390

Halbesleben, J. R. B., Whitman, M. V., & Crawford, W. S. (2014). A dialectical theory of the decision to attend work: Bringing together absenteeism and presenteeism. Human Resource Management Review, 24, 177-192.

Kacmar, K. M., Crawford, W. S., Carlson, D. S., Ferguson, M., & Whitten, D. (2014). A short and valid measure of work-family enrichment. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 19, 32-45.

     Under Review

Carlson, D. S., Thompson, M., Crawford, W. S., Boswell, W., & Whitten, D. Your job is messing with mine! mWork’s impact on the spouse’s work life. 3rd R&R at Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

*Crawford, W. S. & Thompson, M. Work-life issues and dual-career couples. 2nd R&R at Academy of Management Review (Special issue: Work-life). *authors listed alphabetically with equal contribution

Crawford, W. S., Valenzuela, M., Ross, J., Zare, M., & Kacmar, K. M. High-quality exchange relationships with the violated leader: Testing an assumption of leader-member exchange. Under 2nd review at Personnel Psychology.

Benson, P. B., Whitten, N., Crawford, W. S., & Javadizadeh, B. When valid selection methods reduce selection utility: The impact of negatively viewed screening methods in hiring. Under review at Personnel Psychology.

     Working Papers

Crawford, W. S., Miles, J., Andrews, M., & Kacmar, K. M. Ethical leadership and employee attitudes: The moderating role of regulatory focus. Current stage: Data analysis/Writing. Target: Personnel Psychology.

Castille, C. M., Crawford, W. S., & Simmering, M. You gotta keep em’ separated: The efficacy of proximal remedies for method variance. Current stage: Writing stage. Target: Journal of Applied Psychology.

Crawford, W. S., Kacmar, K. M., & Harris, K. J. Politics and deviance: Exploring the role of political skill. Current stage: Undergoing revisions. Target: Career Development International.

Zare, M. & Crawford, W. S. LMX and transformational leadership: A critical review. Current stage: Writing stage. Target: Leadership.

Flinchbaugh, C., Luth, M., & Crawford, W. S. Help! My team failed: How conducting a premortem can improve group processes and outcomes. Current stage: Writing stage. Target: Journal of Management Education.

Tillman, C.J., Gonzalez, K., Crawford, W. S., & Lawrence, E.R. Affective responses to abuse in the workplace. Current stage: Collecting additional data. Target: Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.