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Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) - A STEM Program

A career in Information Systems can be exciting and challenging. IS is a growing field with many opportunities. Salaries for IS graduates are higher than typical business majors for both Bachelor's and most Master's degrees.

IS Salaries

The objective of the Master of Science degree in Information Systems is to provide qualified students with both a general knowledge of business and a specialized knowledge of information systems. Students are exposed to the theory, research, and practical applications of numerous information systems areas. See the Graduate Catalog for admission requirements. It is a 33 hour program where students can select appropriate electives to focus in an area such as business analytics.

The typical curriculum for the MSIS program is
  • BSTAT 5325 Advanced Statistics
  • INSY 5337 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • INSY 5339 Data Mining
  • INSY 5376 Big Data or INSY 5377 Web Analytics or INSY 5378 Data Science
  • INSY 5373 Project Management
  • INSY 5375 Management of Information Technologies
  • elective hours as approved by Graduate Advisor**

The MSIS program allows flexibility in selecting electives and your pace through the program. All courses are offered in the evenings on the main campus in Arlington, Texas.  For more information contact the Graduate Advisor.

**For those students with insufficient IT courses INSY 5309, INSY 5335, and INSY 5341 will be required as electives.

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