UTA Business Building

Full-Time Faculty


R. C. Baker, Professor
PhD Texas A & M University, 1971
Telephone: 817-272-3547    Office: 601B
Email: bakerrc@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: statistics, operations management, quality


Alan Cannon, Associate Professor
PhD Clemson University, 1999
Telephone: 817-272-5746    Office: 524B
Email: acannon@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: statistics, operations management, quality


Carolyn Davis, Assistant to the Chair, Professor in Practice
PhD Texas A & M University, 1988
Telephone: 817-272-7399    Office: 510B
Email: davisck@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: IS management, software development


Mark Eakin, Professor
PhD Texas A & M University, 1980
Telephone: 817-272-3529    Office: 525B
Email: eakin@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: statistics


Grace Esimai, Senior Lecturer
PhD Iowa State University, 1977
Telephone: 817-272-3508    Office: 611B
Email: gosimai@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: statistics


Radha Mahapatra, Professor
PhD Texas A & M University, 1994
Telephone: 817-272-3590    Office: 521B
Email: mahapatra@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems, database


Randy Napier, Clinical Assistant Professor
PhD University of Texas Arlington, 2012
Telephone: 817-272-7398    Office: 517B
Email: rnapier@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: operations management


Sridhar Nerur, Professor
PhD University of Texas at Arlington, 1994
Telephone: 817-272-3530    Office: 518B
Email: snerur@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems


Edmund Prater, Associate Professor
PhD Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999
Telephone: 817-272-3066   Office: 529B
Email: eprater@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: global supply chain


M. K. Raja, Professor
PhD Texas Tech University, 1971
Telephone: 817-272-3540    Office: 522B
Email: raja@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems, security


Karen Scott, Senior Lecturer
MSIS University of Texas at Arlington, 1997
Telephone: 817-272-3084    Office: 516B
Email: sarratt@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems


Riyaz Sikora, Associate Professor
PhD University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1994
Telephone: 817-272-5397    Office: 523B
Email: rsikora@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: multi-agent systems, Java


Craig Slinkman, Professor
PhD University of Minnesota, 1984
Telephone: 817-272-3549    Office: 532B
Email: slinkman@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: statistics, analysis and design


James T. C. Teng, Professor
PhD University of Minnesota, 1980
Telephone: 817-272-1430    Office: 528B
Email: jtteng@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: IT management, IS research


Jingguo Wang, Associate Professor
PhD State University of New York at Buffalo, 2007
Telephone: 817-272-3520    Office: 531B
Email: jwang@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: cybercrime and information security, information search, decision making


Mary Whiteside, Professor and Department Chair
PhD Texas Tech University, 1974
Telephone: 817-272-3517    Office: 535B
Email: whiteside@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: statistics


Michel Whittenberg, Senior Lecturer
DBA Nova Southeastern University, 2004
Telephone: 817-272-3584    Office: 533B
Email: mwhitten@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: project management, operations management, logistics management


Jennifer Zhang, Associate Professor
PhD University of Rochester, 2003
Telephone: 817-272-0537    Office: 520B
Email: jiezhang@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: E-commerce, web programming

Doctoral Students


Olajumoke Awe, GTA
MSIE Texas A & M, 2011
Telephone: 817-272-3556    Office: 519B
Email: olajumoke.awe@mavs.uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: operations management


Philip Bond, Lecturer
MSIS University of Texas at Arlington, 2008
Telephone: 817-310-0070    Office: 511B
Email: philip.bond@mavs.uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems


Ramakrishna Dantu, GTA
MSIS University of Texas at Arlington, 2011
Telephone: 817-272-3322    Office: 515B
Email: ramakrishna.dantu@mavs.uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems


Indika Dissanayake, GTA
MSIT University of Texas at Dallas, 2009
Telephone: 817-272-3707    Office: 506B
Email: indika.dissanayake@mavs.uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems

Adel Yazdanmehr, GTA
MBA, Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Mazandaran, Iran, 2012
Computer Engineering, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran, 2009
Telephone: 817-272-3502    Office: 504B
Email: adel@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems


YoonSang Lee, GTA
MSIS University of Florida, 1999
Telephone: 817-272-3084    Office: 516B
Email: yoonsang.lee@mavs.uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems


Ganapathiraman Raman, Lecturer
MBA, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, 1989
Telephone: 817-272-3084    Office: 506B
Email: grraman@uta.edu
Research/teaching interests: information systems