UTA Business Building

MSIS Business Analytics Track

The Business Analytics (BA) track consists of 33 hours and concentrates on technologies and skills needed to analyze business data and use it to guide decisions and planning for the future. Courses in this track cover such topics as data mining, data warehousing, statistical computing, and selective statistics topics. This track requires a strong quantitative background.

The MSIS program with the BA track will consist of the following required courses.

  • BSTAT 5325 Advanced Statistics
  • ECON 5336 Econometrics
  • INSY 5335 Database Management Systems
  • INSY 5337 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • INSY 5339 Data Mining
  • INSY 5376 Big Data or INSY 5377 Web Analytics or INSY 5378 Data Science
  • INSY 5373 Project Management
  • INSY 5375 Management of Information Technologies
  • elective hours as approved by Graduate Advisor**

With approval of the Graduate Advisor, electives can be selected from such courses as

  • ECON 5338 Applied Time Series
  • ECON 5337 Bus and Econ Forecasting
  • ECON 5339 Econometrics II
  • INSY 5357 Enterprise Resource Planning
  • INSY 5340 Digital Enterprise
  • INSY 5347 Principles of Security
  • INSY 5376 Big Data
  • INSY 5377 Web Analytics
  • INSY 5378 Data Science: A Programming Approach
  • MANA 5329 HR Metrics and Analytics
  • MANA 5334 Organizational Consulting and Research
  • MARK 5343 Advanced Research Analysis I
  • MARK 5344 Advanced Research Analysis II
  • MASI 5330 Nonparametrics
  • OPMA 5321 Introduction to Management Sciences

Upon approval by the MSIS Graduate Advisor, INSY or other CoB electives can be chosen from courses listed in the Graduate Catalog when offered.

**For those students with insufficient IT background INSY 5309, INSY 5335, and INSY 5341 will be required as electives.