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Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) - A STEM Program

The MSBA program has been designed in conjunction with an Industry Panel comprising top-performing companies in the region. With a Master of Science in Business Analytics, graduates

  • Will obtain a blend of technical expertise and business knowlege
  • Learn to solve practical analytical problems from diverse disciplines, including healthcare, marketing, accounting, finance, economics, and human resources
  • Engage with a company and work on a real-world problem through a project-based capstone course
  • Stress a holistic view of data, continually reminding students of the need to integrate outside sources of data (e.g., social media, social graphs) and internal data to acquire business and/or marketing intelligence.
  • Will significantly increase their marketability.

According to IBM, demand for Data Scientists will grow 20% by 2020. Be prepared for such jobs as data analyst, data scientist, big data architect, and analytics manager. As reported by Data Jobs.com Data Scientist salaries can range from $85,000 to $170,000 while salaries for Data Science/Analytics Manager can range from $90,000 to $240,000 depending on the number of reporting employees. And, the field is expanding.


The MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) consists of 36 hours designed to prepare graduates to identify and implement opportunities for the strategic use of business analytics with an emphasis on business. Students gain knowledge of a broad range of disciplines and functions in the business as well as specialized knowledge of business analytics and its accompanying skill set.

The MSBA program consists of the following required courses.

  • ACCT 5307 Measurement and Analysis for Business Decision Making
  • MANA 5344 Evidenced-based Management
  • INSY 5337 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • INSY 5339 Principles of Business Data Mining
  • ECON 5337 Business and Economic Forecasting
  • INSY 5378 Data Science: A Programming Approach
  • INSY 5379 Business Analytics Capstone Project
  • Approved statistics course
  • Approved unstructured data course
  • elective hours as approved by Graduate Advisor

With approval of the Graduate Advisor, electives are selected from

  • ECON 5313 Managerial Economics
  • ECON 5338 Applied Time Series
  • ECON 5339 Econometrics II
  • INSY 5376 Big Data Analytics
  • INSY 5377 Web and Social Analytics
  • MANA 5329 HR Metrics and Analytics
  • MANA 5334 Organizational Consulting and Research
  • MARK 5343 Advanced Research Analysis I
  • MARK 5344 Advanced Research Analysis II
  • MASI 5330 Nonparametrics
  • OPMA 5321 Introduction to Management Sciences

See the Graduate Catalog for more information. For more information contact the Graduate Advisor.

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