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Finance Society

The Finance Society is a professional organization designed to give UTA students a more effective education. The organization strives to unify students from all majors not just from Finance and thereby facilitate interaction with the faculty, the business community and the university as a whole. For most of our general meetings, we bring in guest speakers from local and non-local businesses and firms who bring to the table various career paths that could be pursued in the market buzz. In the past we have had Capital Financial Investment Partners, Edward Jones, the CFA Institute, Federal Reserve, etc. come out and speak to our members. The society has also received and continues to receive invitations from student organizations and businesses in the metroplex area.

By joining The Finance Society, you can:

  • Network with professionals in the business community
  • Meet company Recruiters and learn about career opportunities
  • Have the opportunity to participate in professional competitions
  • Network with other students who share a common interest
  • Get more involved in the College of Business and the University

To become a member of The Finance Society, kindly please download the membership application, fill out completely and return to The Finance Society Office, Room 241, Business Building. Office hours are: Monday - Friday, 12:00 P.M - 1:00 P.M. or by Appointment.

Upcoming Events

Last meeting on April 27th in Room 608 of the COBA from 12-1 p.m. Click here to see the fall schedule!

Executive Board Members

Jessie, Jasmine   Rahim Hussain
  President of The Finance Society

Nathaniel, Pfeiffer   Nathaniel Pfeiffer

Alexis   Alexis Jackson
Santamaria, Luis   Che're Mason
  Director of Marketing of The Finance Society