for Physical Chemistry Lab

(CHEM 3181 and 3182)

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Fall Semester

Viscosity of liquids
Handout                                   Constant temperature bath-manual

Heats of combustion
                      Handout      Text:  Exp. 6        Bomb calorimeter-manual      Notes

Vapor pressure of a pure liquid
(Boiling-point method)
                     Handout       Text:  Exp. 13     Manual      Notes

Binary liquid-vapor phase diagram
                     Handout       Text:  Exp. 14     Manual      Notes

Surface tension of solutions
Text:  Exp. 25      de NoŁy tensiometer-manual

Adsorption from solution

Distribution of a solute between immiscible solvents
(“Chemical equilibrium in solution”)
                     Handout       Text:  Exp.  12  

Spring Semester

Absorption spectrum of a conjugated dye
                      Handout     Text:  Exp. 34      Manual      Notes 
                                                                                         Kuhn's article

Conductance of solutions
                      Handout     Text:  Exp. 17      Manual     Notes

Elevation of boiling point
                      Handout     Text reference     Manual     Notes

Heats of solution
                      Handout     Text reference     Solution calorimeter-manual     Notes
                      Handout-2                               Solution calorimeter-manual-2

Inversion of sucrose
Handout     Text reference     Polarimeter manual     Notes

Low pressure effusion of gases
                      Handout     Text reference       Manual     Notes

Oscillating reaction
                      Handout     Text reference        Manual     Notes

Vibrational-rotational spectrum of HCl
                      Handout     Text:  Exp. 37          Manual     Notes


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