ACCT 3311: Intermediate Accounting I

Summer 2014


Instructor: Chandra Subramaniam, Ph. D., CPA, CMA


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.  Aristotle






Course Guidelines and Policies                                        Revenue recognition

                                                                                        IFRS Update


Class Notes - PowerPoint Slides                                   Accounting Ratios

 Solutions - For user name type: UTA\username

               then type password                                     Contingent Liability       

Walmart 2013 Annual Report                                                                                       

Walmart Analysis           

Walmart Worksheet - Preliminary                              Numbers Game:SPX                          

Walmart Worksheet - partial

Walmart worsheet -complete

SAB 101                                                                    How is the CPA is scored?


Walmart Completed Worksheet                                Sample Exercise 9-4 with numbers changed

   WALMART Transactional Analysis                     


                                                                               Sample MQ1 Solution

                                                                               Sample MQ2 Solution 

                                                                              Sample MQ3  Solution

                                                                                Solution to MQ 1

                                                                                Solution to MQ 2

                                                                                Solution to MQ 3




Quiz #1     Quiz #1 Solution                                                         

Quiz #2     Quiz #2 Solution     

Quiz 2a      Quiz 2a Solution                                   

Quiz #3 Quiz #3 Solution                                                

Quiz #4 Quiz #4 Solution                                                

Quiz #5Quiz #5 Solution                                                

Quiz #6 Quiz #6 Solution    

 Quiz #7     Quiz #7 Solution