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The University of Texas at Arlington

For Prospective Students

I post Research Assistantship positions on this page from time to time. The following applies in general to all  current students at UTA or those planning planning to apply for a graduate program at UTA and would like to work in ASL (Aerospace Systems Laboratory),  

1.      Take a look at my web page ( Some of the research areas I am interested in are summarized there.

2.      In case you have prior experience in any of these areas (including but not limited to projects, papers etc) and you are applying for the PhD program in MAE, please send me an email. Describe briefly your specific interests related to the topics and what you have done in the area.

3.      If you have papers published, please include links from where I can get them. In your email, you should also include your GRE scores and Grade Point Average or equivalent. Please avoid sending attachments greater than 1 Mb.

4.      If you are applying for the MS program and would like to work with me, indicate so in your statement of purpose. Alternatively, set up an appointment and talk with me after you reach UTA. You need not send me an elaborate email.

5.      For Undergraduate students (Juniors/Seniors): A limited number of research projects are available throughout the year and I encourage you to set up an appointment with me to discuss the projects.

I receive several emails from prospective students and don't always reply to all of them. I apologize for that.